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sorry for the question. i have no exp with amps. when you want to up/down the volume , should you do it from the DAP or from the AMP?
  talking about that. what score would you give to re262 with the $150 price they have now?
nice again! they DO look like the pl-50 . at least from the pics. and you say they would be in the $50-75 category? so they can compare to the a151?   anyway. i dont think i'd get 'em though,as i am a very vocal listener. but 'd consider it if want something with bass  
there's and it's also joker's
wow! that'd be great news if it's for real!
73 ???!!! shouldnt it say 162 gr??
i checked the meelec site, but looks they dont sell tips for a151?  
im having a good laugh with this thread! so my experience were the Coby cve91 (iem ?? no, maybe close to canalphones ... =P ) and for $14 , worst buy!   btw,
hey all i got my pl50 finally   didnt have good luck with the foams tips , and only the M and L silicone fit   i've already ordered the hybrids (the clone ones) from ebay. hope they arrive soon so any suggestions about better tips? silicone or foams? bi/tri-flanges?   if they can  match the DBA-02 too, would be better btw my inpressions  fo the pl50? ... just look at my avatar!
is that box that big enough??   waiting for mine to be shipped together with th B2
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