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hey joker what are the "aftermarket" tips you mention in the DBA-02 isolation score? and where can i buy them?
thank you. and what do you call suitable?
from all the tips , those are the only that really fit my ears, isolate and dont pop out. i think its the same fit i got at the beginning . truth is , that at first i got more pressure in my ears, and now dont even feel the tips. but the isolation the first days was much better , even in quite noisy places   i doubt they already broke-in with only 1+ week of use , about 2-3 hours a day. and doubt even more that my ears got different    
it's been more than a week im using the pl50 with the M silicone tips. i donno why but i get the feeling the isolation got worse, quite worse. what should be the reason? did the tips got softer and just dont block the noise? or something else? and how can i fix it?
ups! my bad!  then , looking fwd for a review  
wasnt it $10?? if it's $30 that's another story...
i doubt they can even match the M9
that sounds "comfortable" !! or at least less bothersome    
so, what is the case of the clip+ with this E11 ? (that's my setting)
then , what level should i set the DAP?
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