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and isolation??
for the R-50 users/owners, have you tried Shure Olives? how's isolation with'em?
ok, thanks. sound better. as for other options, well, the new audio technica ATH-CKM are making a big fuss here in head-fi, for a close price to the Gr06, you should check that thread
i'm not getting these, until Frogbeats get a new stock, i just love their service. but isolation wont be enough for me, probably...  there'r also some other earphones around $60 ( +10 or -10 ) that i have in mind
if all of us just stop asking him every day 
  lucky you to got the chance to try them (so jealous  ) i'm surprised you rated then higher than the Crystal   as for me, my Eterna betrayed me. so i have NOTHING now (only my old and beloved K312 , they just ROCK)
hi buddy! long time , huh ?  nice review! didnt know you were getting these!
have they already been shippied?
it should be real, the store is listed at AKG site as a dealer.   but i can skip it (*still waiting for the M2c stock, sigh*)
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