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then, i'd be more specific. taken as a whole package: comfort, fit, build, versatility, maybe even isolation, and specially the sound, etc (you get the idea), are the differences noticiable to be considered an upgrade.   ps: you seem to like the SHE3580...
DO SO!  and thanks a lot for the pics! i may became a AT fan too
for bass, atrio
nice pics. i hope they dont fit like an earbud  now i wish to see the ckm300
is the GR06 worth the double price from the GR99 ?
the safest first thing to do is open a Paypal account, so you're covered. then should buy from well rated sellers.  mp4nation has a good rating , though, i've heard of some cases. i ordered last year the B2 from them, and no problem. usually they reply my msgs within a day.   if you want the Vsonic , lendmeurears is a good option. Frogbeats too (as soon as they get the Vsonic stock...)   but if you can get them at a local store , it may be a better option,...
you get free FedEx shipping
joker,     Panasonic RP-HJE120 vs Philips SHE3580. in short, what are the sound signature difference , and which better? same price   AM-90, A151 and GR06. all got the same 4/5 isolation, but which one can isolate more?   thanks!
the make new deals very often, so just wait btw it's $69.5 ...
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