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yep nice review. and nice photos too. the new package looks much better, but that's all. for the $60 these go, there'r better options out there   compared to the M4 do you also think they're opposite in sound ?
so, i went for the SHE3682 . same as the 3582 (blue) with the carrying case and NICER color, AND the chin slider   now.... i found the FX40 for $32 ($24+shipping from the US) BUT there;re also the CKM300 for $50  from ebay (not from CDJapan, as they dont offer warranty)   i'm not going for the CKM500, yet ... so, which one btwn the ckm300 or fx40 is better? oh, and the HJE355 might be considered as well...(probably for $37 shipped)
XBA2 : J-cord flat cable = not getting them
#1 Dunu #2 meelec
would u reccomend these for techno and  edm with vocals?
are the SHE3580 good for fast techno and edm with vocals? and how bad are the microphonics compared to the ckm500?
cdjapan is up again, but what i dont get it.s why they show 2 different prices
definitely helped!! thanks 
the best price i've seen there is from 'buyfromjapan' seller. and he has a very good comunication
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