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well, i´ll need to wait for ur full comparisions
well the fxd are pricier, and amping adds even more to the price
so DS, you´d say the best buys are the SHE3580
would you still rate  the dba02 mk2 in the ´analytical´ category, or it´d pass to the ´balanced´ ?
double LOL. and who's that ? and i guess you meant "and a full-size headphone". it's head-fi here you know
back to that. i 99% agree. got the SHE last day and it can be the first and last iem to get (for non-head-fi'ers) now i'm waiting for this and the fx40 review!
for build alone the ck10. if you can get them for that price, that's it or go for a lower price and get a Dunu
i´d go with the ebay. at least, he offers warranty
me too!
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