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if you liked the sound of the UE700, you can look at some iems that use the same drivers
for those who have the ckm500 in white AND another color, do you find difference in sound with the white/clear eartips and the black ones??
send meelec an email or check meelec on ebay
looking for a brand new in box FX40. never opened
well, that's more than i'd pay. i wonder how good are the 70 and 60 for half the 80 price. 
you mean the ckm300 is better for female vocals?
DS, how much did u pay for the FXD80 ?
ok, this's a good one Vsonic GR07 (grey) US$130
great!!! thanks for the comparision
from the design the FXD80 isolates more, but has a more closed sound, while the ckm500 a bigger soundstage and open sound, in price of isolation. am i wrong>?
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