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philips SHE3680 for under $20 -1 for the PL50
haha, kiteki you'r here too!   there was a 50% chance i'd get the XBA1 and now you made it -50%. i hate you, thanks!
i never minded them , because their shape but for them check here also, there's a new version of those, more ergonomic and with deatachable cables
nice!! now, how would you define "dynamics" ?   and, after that, which one has better dynamics: RE262, FXT90 or GR07?
nice one! too much V-shaped is not for me though. sounds different from the FXT90
thanks!    i know it sounded a silly question, but i had some extra tips in different colors, and they did fit, fell, and SOUND very different, so i needed to know, before ordering. i'm btwn the White and Blue! both are so nice
thanks !
the B2 are at preorder for $110 the R-50 at regular price are for $120 the dba mk2 and GR01 are about $170-180   as for other dual BA, you can check the westone W2 , tdk BA200 and sont XBA2   and i forgot the tank-built TWFK based ATH-CK10
i already have some meelec tips. but still i´d like to know if there´s a difference in the stock ones, so i change the color in my order
using the same TWFK dual BA drivers there are the GR01 B2 DBA02 MK2. R-50   i dont know how much bass you need, but none of these will be enough for a basshead
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