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are you consodering to add the 3 Dunu's  BA ?
you can try through taobao or taobao-buying-agent
triple ones dont fit my ears , BUT i trim the small upper flange and make a bi-flange, which do marvel. great fit comfort and isolation
talking about ety-triple, how well do they work for the B2 or DBA 2 ?
definitely waiting for the I 3CS what would be the price??
ha, so i know who to blame from now on 
what is sony thinking? the 1 j-cord and the 1ip y-cord? doesnt makes sense... no i use a clip+, so no mic-iem for me.   the J-cord is really dissapointing 
there's also the rockitsound r-30 which uses a BK single BA and it goes for $70. it's quite tempting, but no impressions or reviews so far...
oh yes, forgot that ... maybe the s65 then...?
thank you a lot! close to the ex600 seems a great achievement. and looks more comfortable and easy to fit can it compete with the SBA-03? or 012 (with one of the filters) ?
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