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(double) thanks! so another BK to the market. seems hard to choose now , but as for what Build Quality goes, DUNU's are of the best
and the CKM300 too!
 which Knowles BA driver the I 3C-S has?   (that was my 1k post...)
i would try only that part... did you decore the oliveS?
anyone planning on getting the R-30?? besides me...
Meelec and Frogbeats 
do u find a difference/improvement with the sony hybrids with foam over the regular ones?
thanks   another question: as far as i know, there'r 3 dunu models which uses single BA. what drivers are those? a third party ones or Dunu's own made BA??
also at meelec site with HT-21_EXCELLENT  BUT + shipping
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