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i think i wasnt clear when i asked. what i meant is, you said the M4 are like a B2 + bass, and said the same for the SuperDarts. i'm not asking about SQ difference, but more about signature.
from the specs here (and some pictures), you'r right
@Clieos  you mentioned the M4 could be a lower version of the TF10. how is it compared to the Atomic  SuperDarts ?
so that's it. but i think it can be wax clogged, and hard to clean.
the B2 i had , had a very cheap looking filters imo
does the dba-02 mk2 has the same nozzle and filters as the first version (or as the B2)?
take back. the SBA-03 doesnt have the BK driver , but ED which is supposed to be a better one
i've heard the SBA-03 also has a BK , not ED. but if it does uses a ED , then much better 
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