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instead of "HELP ME" (looking at myself -_-)
 the k319 for $25 at a local store, is it still that good or already outdated?
  (self) bump   did you paid any customs??    
are these prone to wind noise?
how much isolation you need?
these Dunu has the same driver as the R-30, which should be a step higher from the pl50/a151/r-20. but not at the Sba-03/a161 level. personally i'm interested in these, but the fit, isolation and sound arent getting very good ratings. i leaning twds the R-30, but still not sure   nice review btw!
that's the ck500m
how are the microphonics compared to the Crystal? they look like they have same/similar cable
disappoints yes, but helps a lot!
check again!!
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