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Sold, thanks
@fueltank I have first generation quads (which I was told are much warmer than later revisions) - and these are like a scaled up version but with noticeably more clarity in the highs and mids as well as sharper imaging and a wider soundstage.  The bass is also arranged in a different manner.  I borrowed a set of Adam A7x for about 2 weeks and noticed that they were clearer and more detailed than my quads - the V6-stage and V8 match those in clarity IMO, with the former...
Upgraded my V6-stages to the V8.  After a couple of weeks with them, I offer my impressions.   First order of business: So. Much. More. Bass.  Especially mid bass, not a whole lot more sub bass.  Any track you have with a tight punchy kick drum will knock your socks off.  1964's comparison chart shows the mids of the V6-Stages as being heightened compared to the V8: that is completely accurate.  However, you can see that the chart shows the same treble levels between the...
1) it's probably not a good idea to write down the exact declared value on a public forum, so you might want to edit your post, and 2) this is definitely a matter you should call/write to 1964 about rather than ask us!  if anything they could draft an affidavit of how they arrived at that declared value, or an amended invoice for you to send to customs.
Local Pickup only for now.   Selling a not often used, 1 year old Audinst HUD-MX1, in excellent physical condition and perfect working condition, well taken care of.   The original box and accessories are included.
I'm in the market for a o2+odac, however, it looks like yours requires a cable looping from the back to the front; defeating the purpose of having a single case unit.  That's probably why there hasn't been much interest.  I'd personally rather either having o2 and odac be completely separate or having the combo be connected internally.
1964 ears archived my impressions from 2011 and asked me if I wanted to use those for my new CIEM a month ago, so I'm sure they kept yours too.  Thing is, they recommended that I get new impressions after two years for the best fit - so I went ahead and did just that.  My new set is decidedly more comfortable and lower profile than my last pair.
I use the V6 stage with my iPhone 5 as well, but I much prefer listening out of my Audinst (HUD-MX1).  I'm not a believer in cables and amps making improvements to sound, but the sound is indeed noticeably different between the two (I would definitely be able to tell them apart in a blind test)   If I were to go all subjective and write like a classic audiophile, I would tell you that what I can hear with the Audinst is a wider, more 3D soundstage that's fuller and...
re-edited the original post because i forgot to mention there's more midbass and less subbass compared to the quads. or just less subbass leading to the perception of more midbass. oops!
So, my set of V6-Stages came in. The new case is nice; my old case just had my name on a clear label.  This time they have my name engraved on the brushed metal effect nameplate that's affixed to the box, which is a much nicer touch.  The bores, unlike my Quads, are plastic tubed all the way to the tip, and use thinner bores.  The Quads have a combined opening for the bass and mids (this was tubed separately till about half a CM from the tip where it turned into was an...
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