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Thanks man!
Yesterday after reading this thread, i bought a set of the new iphone friendly £18 version of these buds, the SHE3595. They fit well, sound good and they have a mic and single button on the cable which works great with the iPhone4. I'm happy using the volume buttons on the side of the iphone, but having the ability to "start/stop/skip forward/skip back" is so useful, so i recommend these for any iPhone4 users wanting on-cable controls.   I mainly listen to electronic...
In case anyone wondered how they compare and what they all look like next to each other, here's my take in a table and a bunch of photos.      Koss KSC75 Koss KSC35 Yuin G2A   £12 £30 £40 Price 5 2.5 2 Initial Comfort 4 3 5 Long term Comfort 3 1 4 Speed / Ease to...
Thanks Danneq, i was about to order the AKG's and i didnt realise they didnt have track control. You've saved me some disappointment there! I'll look into the hisoundaudio's. Cheers 
As much as i love my KSC75s, i've always hated the silver finish. They look a bit cheap and plasticy too.  So after much deliberation about paint markers, plastic dye, and spray paint, i decided to go for the latter. I was concerned about any paint getting inside into the mesh behind the speaker, but managed to overcome this by aiming the paint can at a very low angle and only spraying in short 1 sec bursts. There's a couple of mm depth to the holes speaker case, and a...
ClieOS, does this mean the M2C will no longer be made/available?
I'm in for a group buy too :)
I'm looking for an earphone (not canal-phone) with iphone control - specifically track start/stop/forward/back. Also if possible i prefer a rubberised earphone rather than a removable foam cover as i tend to lose these in my pocket. I basically want an iphone earbud with a better driver! Is there anything available ?  If there isn't anything like that, anyone know where to buy Blox mc2 in the UK?    To the OP - i had 2 pairs of Sony E557Bs in the 90s and loved them!
I'd just like to say thanks for recommending this. I'd never heard of the Tord Gustavsen Trio before but i am now a big fan. I've now got all his records, but Being There is still my favourite, as you say the drums are stunning - it sounds like you're sitting on the drummers stool! I've got front row tickets to see him in London in March. So thanks man, for such a great recommendation.
I've found somewhere selling HD570 Drivers - the cans look almost identical.   But would putting a new capsule in a 10 yr old headphone be wise? I guess each side cound quite different.
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