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Got it for my parents, so when I'll visit them, I'll make some pics. As far as sound goes, it's pretty terrible :). It needs 78 rpm records, but thankfully it came with one. A lot of static and background noise.
Always thought about getting a vinyl rig myself but I don't think I can live with the hassle. Digital is just so much more convenient. Although I got this gramophone recently. My first turntable :) . Just kidding ... not really playing anything on it, only got it for the looks. Maybe I should go give a vinyl rig an audition, see if I'm going to convert to full analog.
I have a big head and I forget I'm wearing my HD650. I find them to be one of the most comfortable headphones out there. And I didn't do any bending.
I would go for HD800. Great soundstage and microscopic level of details :) . Not so much on the low bass though.
I promised myself I'll save some money and not buy things I don't need. This is not helping :)
This thread was not around when i was a bass head. Mixed feelings ... :)
You should probably wait for the new broadwell chips from intel to be completely out. I say completely, because there are a few laptops that use their chips but are very expensive. Just wait a few months and search for laptops with Core M processors. They are basically the same performance as last gen processors but they are more efficient. They are so efficient, that they don't need a fan to cool them. So they are dead silent and don't get hot. I like to sit in the bed...
I change the first 4 op amps with OPA-2132 and no change at first. But like you guys said it starting to get warm sounding. I don't know if it really starting to sound different (I don't believe in electronic parts burn-in) or is it just my ears getting used to the new sound. Anyway, I think I'm starting to like the sucker :) .   Wanted to ask something to see if it's normal or is it just mine. It's about the headphone amp volume. It goes up really fast in volume...
At them moment I'm using HD650. I find them bright sounding and I don't like that. I'm using EQ to tame them down (1 khz till 14 khz is - 3db). It's paired with a cheap chinese DAC and little dot MK V. Moving on ... : I sold my Little dot amp and cheap dac and bought an Xonar essence one. The new dac is very detailed, which is good, but coupled with my cans which sound bright, makes the sound very aggressive at mid-high volumes. It sounds even brighter now and if I...
My driver is F/W version is 1.25 Audio chip F/W is 0109   I installed the driver from asus website and didn't bother with firmware (I think it's the latest anyway). I don't have channel imbalance tho. Think I'm gonna swap some op amps.
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