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maybe it was not properly burned in a lot of factors come into play like using brown/pink/white noise and constant frequency sweeps it highly affects the change of sound during the first 20 hours
DDM :)
great choice enjoy!
when the price drops to $350 ill snag one
mids are a little bit recessed if used with a weak source. my e7/e9 combo solves the problem
prepare to be blown away by the depth 
yup as long as there is eq
Yes because no other headphone has given me bass like this. you feel like your in a club without losing the mids and details. they sound excellent with my x7,ipod 5.5 r'bd, nokia n8 and clip+ rb'd. of course an amp will feed it more power thus making it better. ill let this burn in for 100 hours before making any final conclusions
  more later
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