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xcape ftw
for audiophile basshead quality get westone 4 and be done with it
bit the bullet. will compare them with re262 and eq5 soon!
first impressions since using them for 2 days straight. speed, accuracy, instrument separation, and super smooth is what i would call them. each frequency is perfect and never does it get muddy. since getting these babies i havent listened to any of my iems and that includes eq5 re262 ex600 fx700 ddm ie8 ie7 etc. these are THAT good. im afraid the only logical upgrade is customs
Attn everyone:   Dmitri sent me an email requesting me to post here TO WHOM he should send a sample unit for a review. I think IjokerI is the appropriate person since he is an unbiased and honest reviewer. We need reviews like his to help us decide on our future purchases
got my pair just now   first impressions are good. very neutral with a hint of sub bass and a little sparkle too bad i didnt try the v1
joker how do you compare xcape vs td100III? on a scale of comparison from 1-10
how are the mids compared to westone 4 on these?
its better to return them. my pair didnt do that when i had them before haha
what tips makes reveals the beauty of westone 4? im using the single flange and while it is good. its not so comfy
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