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very precise and straight to the point review. kudos mvw2. one thing though, did you happen to use upgrade cable for tf10 or is it stock? since the mids are much more present after using one. the stock cable is just plain crap 
it may not have a specific flavor or signature but it basically doesnt do anything wrong. it plays any kind of music exceptionally without trying too hard. imo the best universal ever made
  does the b2 come with this kind of cable? :)
there is no such thing as 32gb cube c30 max is 4gb
  it is because the stock cable is crap and worth nothing. upgrade them into silver cable or something better and the mid range improves significantly    
i cant wait for your impressions. do you happen to own the first ddm?
too much is never enough  cowon x7 man  
  im pretty sure these will be a hit if it sounds almost like the dba02 while being significantly cheaper :) when is the exact date you will be accepting preorder?    
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