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thanks a lot everyone. seems like im set to go to the said places. are there any radius sellers too?
thanks christopherp firoze eric_c rosmadi mahmood clieos dreamaurora ahmadmfz for helping me out! is there any audio technica store near orchard and are there enough variety in sim lim square alone? or its advisable to go to jaben and stereo too?
cool. ill be living in orchard road area so i can definitely drop by there within the trip. do you stock the latest models?
excellent setup. es10 is indeed one of the best portable cans  
any other places guys?
where is adelphi mall? :)
Hi all,   ill be going there this coming 3rd week of april where should i go to? the only place i know selling some headphones is sim lim square i prefer places near orchard road thanks a lot 
agreed. i had a 315 few months back and never regretted selling them. terrible earphones for the price. heck even the 425 isnt worth the msrp. more appropriate to be priced at $100
the best universal iem ever made period. i dont want to listen to any of my iems anymore. heck even my full size cans lose
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