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burn them in for 100 hours and let us hear from you guys again. im at 120+ now and all i can say is the sq is jaw dropping for the price. dba02 ddm re262 is no match to this imo
w4 needs a little bit eq and the right tip to sound best. add db to low bass 2db mids and 3db upper treble then your good to go
everything is superb. i prefer this to my dmm dba02 re262
not a single bit  
x2. try using sony hybrid tips. it makes it better
did you use pink/brown/white noises to improve bass or just normal burn in?    
yep the stock tips arent that good in providing a good seal. i popped out the sony hybrid foam tips ang bam! the seal is way better. now it sounds even better
  I really like it. good all arounder and just like the um3x as stated by clieos
finally the tf10's arrive after the long wait   first impressions:   bass authority. a bit laid back mids. sparkly nice treble its not better than my westone 4 but is better in terms of sheer musical enjoyment or what you call "fun" question, what tips do you guys recommend? the stock small single flange seems to fit well  
yep i do. the deeper the fit the cleaner the sound  
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