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Has anyone compared this to the DX90? Kind of in an upgradey mood.
Took some photos yesterday (complete with obnoxious instagram filters). I did most of my listening with my SD2s just because they're what I'm familiar with. I'm not very good at writing about sound but I'll give it a shot. Astell&Kern AK Jr: Sounded a bit congested to me. The UI was also a bit cluttered. I think the font was too big for the screen size.  Cayin N6: A bit smoother and more natural sounding than my DX90's headphone out. Not a fan of the interface and...
From a durability standpoint I'm not sure how I feel about those 4 contacts at the bottom of the DAP being so exposed... I would rather that they just put another 2.5mm TRRS jack to act as a true line-out.
For coaxial SPDIF connections, the cable needs to have an impedance of 75 ohms, so I don't think most analog mini to mini cables would work. In addition to the two cables I linked above, you could also get a female RCA to male 3.5mm adapter like this one and use it with the cable that came with the DX90.
I found this just searching for 3.5mm to 3.5mm 75 ohm on Google, never heard of Pacific Custom Cable though so I'm not sure how well made their cables are. Moon Audio can also make one, though they're significantly more expensive.
On the train in Calgary (Canada).
Where do you live? I saw a pair of MDR-EX1000s (or one of the other models that are shaped like that) on the train yesterday and thought it might be someone from here.
Currently $199CAD at Canada Computers until the end of April, great deal considering how weak the CAD is right now. I just ordered one.
You can use the DX90's coax out, but you'll still have to power the Concero HP by USB.
Sounds exciting, but mind the date... 
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