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I thought the DX50's price wasn't released yet. I looked at the thread earlier and it was like somebody transcribed the closed captions to a game of The Price Is Right.
Preface: About a year ago, I bought a pair of JVC FXT90s and decided I was going to stop wasting money into audio for a while (and waste it on other things). About a month ago, the 3.5mm jack on my iPod Classic decided it was time to stop working on the right channel, and just last Friday, I grabbed my JVCs from my desk in a hurry because I had overslept and ripped the left earpiece clean in two, divorcing drivers from wires. After my entire portable rig crapped the bed...
Since you're into modding, have you considered transplanting the 780's drivers into a more comfortable housing?   Maybe you could consider one of Ultrasone's Pro series headphones, their housings are shaped differently so you might find them more comfortable.
Thanks for letting me know about Sennhieser, I won't be tricked into buying Beats!
I'm looking for a new pair of headphones in the $300 range. Coming from the HD25, I want something with better extension into the lower frequencies, a larger soundstage, and slightly less treble emphasis (not after a dark-sounding headphone, though, just a little bit less peakiness). Right now I'm looking at the K550 and the HE-300. I'll be using them with my Matrix Mini-i so they'll need to be relatively easy to drive. No preference as to open or closed as I'll only be...
There's an HE90/HEV90 combo on ebay right now for about $31k
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