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What cable is that on the K10s?
Met a guy with a pair of Westone W20s in one of my lectures today.
I think I saw a pair of K3003s on the train yesterday.
No idea what the problem was but I installed the L2 firmware (I was previously on the L1 version from the Rockbox thread) and it works fine now.   Here's one for any Kantai Collection fans out there.  
I replaced the wallpaper on my DX90 and whenever I turn it on from being completely powered off it reverts to the default wallpaper until I connect it to my PC by USB in storage mode (a bit of a pain in the ass for me because i usually keep it in charge only mode). Using Lurker's 2.1.5 firmware. Does anyone else have this problem?
iBasso DX90 -> InEar SD-2 Audio nirvana for now (camera nirvana not so much)
I just got these and now I'm also looking for a new DAP. Anyone listened to them with the DX90?
I thought the DX50's price wasn't released yet. I looked at the thread earlier and it was like somebody transcribed the closed captions to a game of The Price Is Right.
Preface: About a year ago, I bought a pair of JVC FXT90s and decided I was going to stop wasting money into audio for a while (and waste it on other things). About a month ago, the 3.5mm jack on my iPod Classic decided it was time to stop working on the right channel, and just last Friday, I grabbed my JVCs from my desk in a hurry because I had overslept and ripped the left earpiece clean in two, divorcing drivers from wires. After my entire portable rig crapped the bed...
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