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Currently $199CAD at Canada Computers until the end of April, great deal considering how weak the CAD is right now. I just ordered one.
You can use the DX90's coax out, but you'll still have to power the Concero HP by USB.
Sounds exciting, but mind the date... 
Did a short bit of DAP comparo with my friend today. I liked the X5 (though it didn't like my microSD card), but I'm still partial to my DX90. I think the jury is still out for him.   Mine: iBasso DX90 -> plusSound X Series -> InEar SD-2 His: FiiO X5 -> Brainwavz R3
edit: SOLD   Purchased from this seller on eBay, see description there for more information. Unused, I purchased one pair of size M and one pair of size L and the size M fit perfectly, so I don't need these. If you have an unused pair of size Ms, I would love to trade.
It's a good feeling of oneness with cup rubber.
Saw a pair of K550s (or some other AKG model) on downtown on Monday.
Been using a HHKB for almost a year now, once you go Topre you never go back.
Saw a pair of red SE535s today and some Havi B3s a little while ago
I just want to commend Christian on his amazing customer service. He was very quick to respond to all my emails even on a sunday night. Also a bit of advice for anyone looking to purchase one of the X Series cables: I think he uses the same wood slider for all of his cables, so the diameter of the hole is a bit too large for the X's thinner wires. Not a very big issue but if you need the neck slider functionality I'd recommend the heatshrink slider instead.
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