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Have been looking everywhere for these. PM me if looking to sell or trade. 
I am wearing the hd428 right now. It has a very good soundstage and nice warm sound signature. You might hear new things you've never heard before in music, but this is all going to be in the mids and highs (the mids are more pronounced). The bass is tight and nice, but not anywhere near something like the ms400. It has good quality, but little quantity. Its the bass you hear, not feel. I would recommend them to someone who likes more mids and highs than bass. For bass,...
try out the bass reducer setting, it really tames the exaggerated bass, and if you look at its frequency chart, would make it somewhat flat.
I just came over to my friend's house yesterday and brought over my Sennheisers with my PA2V2 amp. He says he likes them, but they have "no bass". And then he goes and says he likes Beats, and I try to convince him to buy something better. At the moment, he has 200$ to spend, uses a Blackberryy as his Main Source, and does not plan on buying an amp. Can anyone give my friend some suggestions on headphones that have "good bass" (which in his opinion, is more of quantity,...
cx300 = big overpowering bass m50 = punchy bass, some say light, some say strong. its all due to preference.  hfi-580 - better quality and more quantity than m50 if u want more bass, get the phiaton ms400  
i know this may be like comparing apples to oranges but What are the differences in sound quality comparing the MTPG and the ATH-M50?
the different colored boxes don't really have a different sound, it's just a placebo effect that people got after misreading an article about burn-in, where the "newer" one didn't sound like the "older" (the burnt-in one) one. burn-in > different boxes    
well what state do you live in, and what headphones do you want to test out?
well the HFI-580s are going to be more of a "in your face" kind of headphone while the srh-840 is more laid-back the first time you try the srh-840, you would really like it as it really shows you the details in a song, but you would get bored real quick of its analytical sound signature (probably, I'm not sure if you would).  A shure product thats in your face also is the SRH-750DJ which are regarded here as one of the best "bass" headphones alongside the HFI-580s (both...
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