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Thanks to everyone for the help, I'm going to make this my next project.
I've been looking for all the parts to build one of these and it seems that no place stocks everything, or even the tubes for that matter. I'm in Australia and this is really annoying me, I'd love one of these amps to death, but honestly, It's getting really daunting trying to find the parts to build one of these.   So in a nutshell I want to know:   1. Is there an Australian retailer from which I can buy most of the parts?   2. Where can I find some tubes...
What warranty issues? The only warranty issues I have ever heard about was when one guy bricked his DAP by opening it up and soldering a new chip into the circuit.
Well, I don't even have iTunes installed on any computer that I own, and I have my S:Flo2 for music and movies, so right now it's a nonissue, but still an annoying one. But the updates, well, they are just attrocious; my phone came with the new 4.0 iOS and it's crippled it, standby battery life of 1 and a half days, constant freezing and crashes. It is sometimes beyond unusable.    
Well, it sets people up for a bad start. I know people who have ripped entire 200-300 CD collections in the default 128CBR MP3 settings, then researched audio files.   And now, considering the speed of the internet, there is NO reason not to offer high quality downloads. I have a HORRIBLE plan (1500/256) and I still download all my music in FLAC.   Quite simply, it may be an easy to use program, but they're setting people up for failure and a lot of heartache should they...
  I beg to differ. I went to a private school that fell for the Mac hype; we dealt with overheating laptops, a few cases of spontaneously combusting batteries, many, many crashes and the software left a lot to be desired when it came to education.   We actually used to leave the computers for up to half an hour whilst photoshop booted.   There was also no network security, to access anyone's files you simply had to open your home and go up a directory and then select...
Well there's messing around with iTunes, dealing with its incompetent sorting, poor quality downloads, over priced downloads, its habit of being a general system hog and the fact that it doesn't support many codecs at all.   To add to this, it's extremely expensive for what you get and often fault ridden.  
  I'm, reluctantly, using an iPhone as my general phone (Any other phone on my plan would have cost an extra $15 a month) and this is the "Feature" that annoys me the most. I own the phone, I should be able to drag and drop my own damn files.   It has, in fact, prevented me from suing my iPhone for any type of media because it requires iTunes. There is no way in hell I would install such an application on my computer so I simply carry around my S:flo2; it may be some...
I can confirm that the latest pre-order batch will ship with Firmware 2.30.  
Definitely going to try those out when I can.
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