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  Barring the consideration of DAC's and digital tech which those 70's amps did not include. For pure amperage you get a lot of bang for buck from those old amps. Especially considering using power hungry phones like Hifi man. No op-amps, direct connection to the power source same as speaker taps just with a single resistor to prevent blowing your phones. It's not easy to find a HP amp on the market right now that will put out anyway near the 2 watts of power via jack the...
If someone made velour-ish angled pads for the Hifi HP I would be all over that. I'm tempted to go after the vegan eventually if nothing comes around.
Cheap answer: with 2 strips of double sided permanent tape from any local store. Will have to replace headband pad eventually depending on use. Cheap foam deflates   More involved answer: Remove threading from leather pad, remove bottom replace current foam with much thicker denser open cell memory foam or some equivalent, restitch and never have to replace again. May or may not...
Doing some modding to my earphones. Just thought I'd ask here. What is some of the thinnest headphone cloth I can get that is not going to modify my sound at all? Just want to keep the dust out, nothing more. Thanks for any advice!
The comparison was always made vs the original hifi man amp EF-5. I'm glad to hear the EF-6 is doing so well!
Thank you sir! Just swapped out my preamp jumped with new 4 inch cables. Definitely a improvement for the Sansui! Better clarity is what sticks out the most.
I've got a set of NVX pads as well. It's real leather technically, feels like bonded leather if I had to guess.
Not surprising about the Sansui QR-6500 pairing well. It's been expressed many times that these HP have excellent synergy with a lot of stereo's from the 70's. Marantz is another known brand that pairs as well. Course the 70's produced some of the best audio products to this day, so I suppose this shouldn't be surprising at all. lol
Have had my 5LE's for a couple weeks now. They are sublime. Been using them with my Sansui 1000x as amp and titanium HD for source. Has been sublime thus far. In the process of recapping, new better fuses, and cables to bring it up a few more notches. Also will be modding the phones themselves shortly there after. Planning on changing the steel mesh to something a little more open. Also restitching the headband to something more thicker plushier, probably more akin the...
I have those pads. I'll be damned If I can get them to fit on my hifi phones though. I keep having to stretch them out to fit the round shape of the plactic ring. But I keep having trouble. Perhaps if I cut off some of the leather material that wraps around the ring?
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