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Everyone loves how they sound... and everyone definitely loves how the HE90s feel. Mentioning the price always gets a 'wait... what?'
The Omega2 are really touchy about all sorts of variation... pad rotation at the very least. I've had them sound quite different after a haircut!
Updated with price drop for the HE90s. Arcam and KGSS are no longer for sale.
Updated the original post... now that I've been listening to them for a while I'm confident in saying they're performing at 100%.
Since the question's come up, if you're in Los Angeles then I'm happy to bring them by for a listening session. (I'm willing to drive some ways outside LA if you know you want to buy.)
I've been informed that it takes a while for the factory to deliver the pads. If you buy the headphones, I'll order the replacement pads shipped to your address. That way, you can enjoy the headphones immediately. A little while down the line, you'll get the replacement pads (which just snap in place -- dead easy, I'll show you how) to make them like-new.
The pads are a bit more worn than I remembered. I've treated them to minimize further flaking (so you can enjoy them immediately) and I've contacted the Sennheiser factory to inquire about getting replacement pads. (Waiting on them to get back to me.)             
Also, these are original production HE90s -- serial number between 100 and 150.
Working on photos for you guys... thanks to everyone who PMed me! For the moment, if you want to read about these headphones, they've been very well documented in various threads over the years... here's a...
I haven't listened to my rig in years and I need to fund my business, so it's all up for sale. The Sennheiser Orpheus headphones come in the original velvet-lined mahogany (?) box. Prefer an in-person transaction (I'm in Los Angeles). Make an offer... Updates: * They sound absolutely incredible. I've been listening to them and they're awesome. Zero defects! 100% perfect right on the money airy spacious incredible soundstage... and seriously deep, tightly controlled...
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