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They both have a similar impedance curve. So i think it'd probably be equal. 
  This has been one of my favorite albums lately.
Here ya go.   S=DA   S is the supremeness   D is the number of years since you joined.   A is the average posts per day.      So if you joined in 2000 and have a avg daily post of 2 thats 12(2)=24   You're not going to get a huge number like you would with your other formula, but at least the numbers will get bigger with more posts and more years, rather than go down haha.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.   The key word is RATIO, not variation. I was always bad at word problems. haha.
S=K/D+P?   Is the join date the amount of years it has been since he has joined? Can we get a figure of supremeness for an already known headphoneus supremus so we can solve for k?   EDIT: unless i'm reading your post wrong, doesn't this mean the more posts you have and the longer you have been on head-fi the less supreme you are? 
i think the shure does a better job at this price point.
you can actually change the setting in the menu. you can disable charging, which is useful if you're running on batter and don't want to run it down. otherwise yes it charges while running.
128 AAC isn't THAT bad. it's comparable to 192 MP3. Not the best, but certainly usable. If you have the ability to re-rip them though i would.
agree with the poster who mentioned ety's doing a good job at this. i'm not quite sure what he means by one note bass. unfortunately, in this universe everything involves a tradeoff. there will never be a perfect speaker, or perfect sound environment, or perfect headphone. for example, you get better mids and highs and better overall sound with an open backed headphone, but you lose some of the bass impact, in closed headphones, it's the opposite. in speakers where multi...
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