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Heads up Tech Death fans......   Still my favorite album from them. The artwork is amazing too, have it as my desktop BG.
awesome. doesn't release until tomorrow in the US though :(   hoping it will be on spotify.
No, the ipod will work fine. Depending on what you're driving, you may not even need the amp, the ipod might work fine by itself. Edit: just realized you said phone. Depends, what kind of phone do you have?
new album???????????????????????????? 
If your S3 does a good job driving the K550's, i don't think an amp will improve the SQ that much. IIRC, the S3 has a low output impedance, which is the most important factor in SQ after having enough juice to handle the load. The impedance of them is also fairly consistent, meaning they are relatively easy to drive.
i would strongly recommend unplugging the headphones during power-up/power-down if the pop is loud enough to be of concern. i'm sure this amp is a different story altogether, but as you can see, it's definitely stressing the driver of these K702's. DC current is very bad for headphones, as it causes the driver to move in one direction continuously, sometimes well beyond it's rated xmax.  
yes, but the amp section of this is good enough to justify purchasing it to be used entirely as an amp.
what would you say causes them to sound like that prior to modding? poorly damped enclosures? just curious.
Just curious if they do or if the only way to get good sound out of them is modding them. What are the major differences after modding them?
i can't say i totally agree with you. having a good setup is what caused me to like and appreciate classical music. i used to try and listen to it on a cheap boombox and it sounded so boring, flat and lifeless i couldn't understand how anyone could enjoy it. once i got a decent setup, i tried it once more out of boredom one day and oh my god, the difference was so astounding, the boring, slow, lifeless music was now huge, dynamic, and rich. i loved it. i still love...
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