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Thank you for taking our Pitch Discrimination Test at http://musicianbrain.com/pitchtest. At 500 Hz you can reliably hear pitch differences of 1.15625 Hz, which means you did better than approximately 96.2% of people who took our test! How will your friends do? Share this test online, or forward this email to find out! For more information check out http://musicianbrain.com/td_faq.htm. -- Music and Neuroimaging Laboratory Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and...
i think 90% of the time a person can figure out what headphone they should purchase just by reading other threads involving said headphone. i've made all but one purchase this way, and guess what? i ended up getting what i thought i was going to get each time just by reading others impressions. in other words, i got what i expected. if that makes sense.    read reviews, read recommendation threads, look at graphs, learn about the headphone, and often times you can get a...
perfect example right here. 
oh haha. yeah i agree. i can hardly stand the extreme compression on most pop. it's so screechingly loud sounding. that and a lot of the time instruments seem so heavily processed that they don't even sound natural anymore. some of the recordings i listen to may sound rough, but they sound natural, which ultimately sounds better to me.
what do you mean?
haha. i'm a metalhead so i've come to appreciate "bad" sound. although many seemingly lo-fi recording are actually better recorded than most pop recordings. 
I see your point, but in my opinion, if a person hears a drastic difference from one piece of gear to another, there should be some sort of difference showing up on paper somewhere. Of course, just because something sounds better doesn't mean it technically is better, some people think various kinds of distortion sound better, and that's fine. But it does bother me when people start telling newcomers they need to spend humongus amounts of money on cables and amps,...
One good way of doing it is to listen to voice, or orchestra if you're familiar with how they sound live. As others stated, no frequency is accentuated or recessed. I don't think this is a very accurate way of telling though, as brains will "learn" a specific headphones sound as accurate, then when you switch over to something that actually is accurate, it will sound very "off" until your mind "re-learns" how things should sound. Another way of telling of course, is by...
I think that there definitely needs to be some objectivity in this hobby. Without it, all we have to go on is our own subjective interpretation prone to placebo effects and expectation bias.
To put it in to simpler words, we appreciate the music, they appreciate the scene.
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