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What treble peaks?
Got my ety's back. The sound is totally different on them with the FiiO. It's tighter and more controlled, it's also a bit less trebly, which isn't exact a good thing from a subjective standpoint, but it DOES match the frequency response curve shown on etymotic's site. The amp is apparently doing it's job with them haha.
As in proof i mean "provide evidence to uphold that argument". However, for the most part, i totally agree with you. The purpose of my example is to show that we CAN demonstrate that the XB700 is bassier than the AD700 from an objective viewpoint, and i think it is important to use that kind of objective data as a reference in this hobby, on any equipment. I also think DBT's have a purpose in this hobby. For example if i say that i hear no difference between 320k and...
i personally think beats look stupid and ugly, along with other fashion phones. i just don't get the point of it. it's not clothing and jewelry, its a practical device that's function is to reproduce sound.
it looks like someone put their headphones in the oven.
Don't take this the wrong way, but what exactly do you mean by that? I regard my chosen field as offering a logical, objective, and mathematical explanation of the world around me, which remains constant and unchanging, if something does change and doesn't work based upon calculations and the theory behind it, then I'm the one who's made and error, not the fundamentals of science and math.   I think it applies to headphones and other gear in a similar way, but this hobby...
I'm an engineering student if that counts!
do you have any idea what causes that effect? sorry, i'm just curious about them and wonder why so many people like them.
what do you mean by holographic imaging?
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