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Oops. That's right^
they have a very neutral and detailed sound, but i wouldn't say they have no presence.
HD 280 Pro if you want excellent isolation.
Etymotic HF5 if you're willing to up the price to 99. Built like a tank and come with a 2 year warranty, i can also say first hand etymotics customer service is excellent should anything go wrong with them.
Q701's or AD900. AD900 has a larger soundstage, Q701 has more low end. I have owned both and they both did exceptionally well with classical. Depending on your setup, you may need an amp. Q701's are hard to get a lot of volume out of unless you have something with a decent amount of power. You also need something with a low output impedance due to the varying impedance of these headphones. Going from something with an output impedance of 10ohms to near 0 ohms will...
Any of Audio Technicas AD series headphones. I can hardly tell i'm wearing them and often forget to take them off after the music has ended for this reason haha.  
Lol. $695
+2   regarding what streetdragon said, this is pretty much the reason why i like neutral headphones. i can listen to classical on my AD900 or HF5's and it sounds good, i can listen to rock/metal and it sounds good, i can listen to anything really and it all sounds good.
Here is one of the major problems with dynamic drivers, being that they are cone shaped, different frequency ranges leave the surface of the driver at different times, you also have problems (which you can easily observe by placing your loudspeakers below or above ear level) with higher frequencies "beaming" and being directional. With a flat driver (such as those used in electrostats and planar magnetic), this is mostly eliminated as frequencies radiate from all...
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