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I'd personally say M30's. If you're willing to up the budget by about 10 bucks AD700 would be even better, especially considering your need for excellent imaging with games.
Really enjoyed reading this as it had a lot of objective information in it. Seemed very unopinionated towards the cans, a well thought out detailing of their highlights and pitfalls.
Koss UR 20's were my first "real" cans if those count. Got them when i was 11 and loved them. 
I could easily. In fact, if i had unlimited funds, i could easily purchase upwards of 10 albums a WEEK. 
If you really don't feel they're better enough to justify the price that's fine. Find some cheaper cans that sound better than your ibuds and save your wallet.  If you want something that will really give you that "secluded" feel, try iem's.
with MP3 or OGG? OGG is a totally different beast. I can hear the difference between 192 mp3 and lossless, but not OGG.
Spotify Premium does. Free is 160kbps OGG........good luck telling the difference between 160kbps OGG and FLAC, i can't, and i've tried. Heck, i can't even hardly tell 128kbps OGG from FLAC, only with some tracks.
Not in closed. SRH440 is probably the best of the bunch you mentioned, but it's hard to beat the HD280 pro's isolation, they also have better bass than the SRH440's. I really know nothing about the CAL so i can't comment on it.
you know you're an audiophile when you finally realize having a lot of bass is over rated. you know you're an audiophile when you realize that quality bass sounds better than quantity bass.
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