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thanks, i just copied and pasted the title and found it.
awesome. this is perfect. thanks.
it sounds pretty bad to me. yes, it is 64kbps AAC+ premium is 192k mp3, which sounds pretty transparent to my ears. as far as i know only your computer can get 192k with premium, phones still receive a lower bitrate unfortunately.   MOG is 320k and i have been very happy with their quality, spotify is 160k OGG free, which is pretty close to transparent. MOG and spotify aren't as good for music discovery as pandora unfortunately.   another one to look into is slacker...
i can hear from 15hz to 21khz thank you 
Looking for some good recommendations. Here's what i've been enjoying as of lately.      
come on bro, you're a HEAD-FI'ER......... that's the pot calling the kettle black.
weird. i know itunes USED to only offer in 128k AAC (which is not nearly as bad as 128mp3, but still unacceptable) but i have never gotten anything lower than 256 from amazon. most of it is VBR 0
i dont agree with the rest of your post on mp3's, but i will agree with this. classical music is just entirely different when played on good equipment. i never enjoyed it until i heard it on higher end stuff.
It rolls off quite steeply after about 50hz
well more power to you then i suppose. i have consistently failed to tell the difference between 160k OGG, and even 128k OGG with some tracks. i consider myself to have pretty good hearing too.
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