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Anyy headfiers ride greyhound very recently? Saw a pair of grados, sony mdr 7506, sennheiser 400 series (not sure which model exactly).
  How easily a headphone is driven depends on 3 things. 1. Impedance 2.Impedance curve 3. Sensitivity   Easily driven headphones have a flat impedance curve, an impedance of about 32ohms, and a high dB/mW rating. Headphones with a widely varying impedance will have an altered frequency response on anything with an output impedance that is greater than 1/8th of the headphones impedance. Take ety's for example. pretty much anything can drive them to listenable volumes, but...
Q701 is like an HF5 with better treble and cleaner bass. 
I was listening to karsh kales one step beyond earlier today on my AD900's and past a certain volume i could clearly hear distortion. Could this actually damage the drivers?
Currently rocking my Etymotic HF5's, as hard as it is to say this, i think they are still the best headphone i have/have had.
 thats terrible lol.
Selling an almost brand new ATH AD900. Owned them for around a month, maybe 20 hours on them. Perfect condition cosmetically and functionally. I have the original box and all accessories. Buyer Responsible for shipping due to the low price, buyer pays paypal fees.    I am willing to ship internationally provided buyer pays shipping.   Thing's i'm willing to trade for include: Q701 - Any color Sennheiser HD598 AKG K550     Edit: NO LONGER INTERESTED IN...
thanks, i just copied and pasted the title and found it.
awesome. this is perfect. thanks.
it sounds pretty bad to me. yes, it is 64kbps AAC+ premium is 192k mp3, which sounds pretty transparent to my ears. as far as i know only your computer can get 192k with premium, phones still receive a lower bitrate unfortunately.   MOG is 320k and i have been very happy with their quality, spotify is 160k OGG free, which is pretty close to transparent. MOG and spotify aren't as good for music discovery as pandora unfortunately.   another one to look into is slacker...
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