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Both. Opus is better than vorbis but down below 96kbps it started pooping out. It's also not helped by the fact it only does 48khz, which is a waste data considering most music is mastered to 44.1khz.Opus and vorbis both sound bad below 96, while aac he is easier to listen to at even 64kbps and I can't even reliably abx it at 80kbps. Some of it may be down to preference too. Aac likes to chop off quiet high frequencies where other codes are across the spectrum throwing...
Ime aac is better at low bitrates. I can't even hear the difference between flac and 128 aac. Ogg Is good down to 96kbps, but he-aac still sounds incredibly convincing at 64kbps.
Was trying to see if I could tell the difference between 80kbps he-aac and flac.
Did you use the included software?
  These are "7.1" headphones. Now obviously they don't have 8 drivers in them, but what they do have is a USB audio interface that takes 7.1 channels from the computer and runs it through dolby headphone. The specific dolby headphone profile is perfectly tuned to these headphones, so it's like having binaural sound on everything. It legitimately sounds outside of the headphones, even with simple stereo output, not just a little less "headphone like",...
Is there any similarity between k612s and k701s? The k701s sounded very accurate when I used to have them.
I'm looking for a pair of fairly neutral sounding headphones in this price range with decent bass extension and highs but with no frequency range strongly emphasized. Any recommendations?
A Fiio E17 is much smaller than a TV lol. I don't generally use DSP's unless it's to upmix stereo to surround or surround emulators on 2 channel HT systems, I'm a purist who likes flat audio that hasn't been mucked with.
Unfortunately the AMD audio card only works for HDMI out. I will say though, the beats audio does solve a lot of laptop speakers problems, I just wish it was disableable for headphones. Even my $20 sony's sound good without any dsp crap. It sounds like a compressor and some sort of srs style DSP. There's controls for space, center and focus, which on the laptop speakers does increase those things quite noticabely, but it just sounds all wrong on headphones, and either way,...
It sounds like **** no matter what you do lol.
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