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A Fiio E17 is much smaller than a TV lol. I don't generally use DSP's unless it's to upmix stereo to surround or surround emulators on 2 channel HT systems, I'm a purist who likes flat audio that hasn't been mucked with.
Unfortunately the AMD audio card only works for HDMI out. I will say though, the beats audio does solve a lot of laptop speakers problems, I just wish it was disableable for headphones. Even my $20 sony's sound good without any dsp crap. It sounds like a compressor and some sort of srs style DSP. There's controls for space, center and focus, which on the laptop speakers does increase those things quite noticabely, but it just sounds all wrong on headphones, and either way,...
It sounds like **** no matter what you do lol.
I recently purchased a new laptop. HP Beats Envy. Now I didn't purchase it because of the beats audio, I purchased it because it was $599, had a touch screen, lighted keyboard, 8gb of ram, quad core AMD A8 cpu, and a Radeon GFX card good enough for light duty gaming. Basically it had everything I wanted and the price was right. Didn't want to get stuck with Intel HD mobile graphics this time around but didn't have the funds for a high end gaming computer. On to the Beats...
Very good condition. No box, no accessories. Finances are tough and need the money. Lightly used. Free shipping conus. Will ship overseas but buyer pays shipping.
So the filters in my ety's (the only headphone i really use) got clogged and i had no more left, so until i could get replacements, i had to pick up a pair of cheapo's so i had something to listen to music with. Found a set of Koss UR55's on clearance at K-mart, and i know from previous experience that koss generally makes good sounding phones even in their lower priced range, nothing to write home about, but they do know what they're doing. Brought them home and started...
Anyy headfiers ride greyhound very recently? Saw a pair of grados, sony mdr 7506, sennheiser 400 series (not sure which model exactly).
  How easily a headphone is driven depends on 3 things. 1. Impedance 2.Impedance curve 3. Sensitivity   Easily driven headphones have a flat impedance curve, an impedance of about 32ohms, and a high dB/mW rating. Headphones with a widely varying impedance will have an altered frequency response on anything with an output impedance that is greater than 1/8th of the headphones impedance. Take ety's for example. pretty much anything can drive them to listenable volumes, but...
Q701 is like an HF5 with better treble and cleaner bass. 
I was listening to karsh kales one step beyond earlier today on my AD900's and past a certain volume i could clearly hear distortion. Could this actually damage the drivers?
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