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Yeah I'll be in college so that's the o only problem I have and I will probably be going to land party's so closed fits the bill better
I might just get open headphones they seem so much better... Those 990s look so good....
Oh well I guess that one guy is just wrong
hey guys i have been doing some reviews and it seems that the 770 is very bass light and that is not what i want! Are there any good closed headphones with a great bass resonse for under 200$?
since i only play league of legends and a couple of steam games like hawken surround sound isn't that important so i think the amp dac combo is for me. I listen to a lot of music as well so i think this is the best way to go. Also im sure razer surround will get the job done when i do play a fps game.
wait so no sound card?
Ok i will get the sound card the amp and the headphones and upgrade to the optical dac in the future   Thanks for all the help guys i really appreciate it!!
So me be perfectly clear here:    My best solution is the modi optical dac with the magni amp and the beyerdynamic 770 250 ohm headphones Correct?
what features would i be loosing if i get the modi over sound card?   And why would i be getting optical over usb   Sorry for all the questions:P
So what would be the better option the asus xonar dx or creative sound blaster z with the magni or the magni with the modi?
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