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Some one know a audio gear being a dac with audio processor to boost the bass or tweak the sound ??
x RELIC x how is the pairing between the pan am + M100 ? Thanks
Nice !! I see some Telefunken tubes ??
fiio e11 or e12 + chord hugo ??
I agree but double amping to get a bass boost sounds weird to me
The difference will be more about tubes coloring the sound Most of the time a SS amp have better impact I vote for lyr 2 anytime and tubes rolling is great to make you feel like you have a new amp , never heard the asgard tho
sounds like me and my pan am,
If you boost the bass with a parametric EQ like equalizer APO + Chord Hugo, it's not doing the job ??
The Musical Fidelity X-Can 2 v2 should be a very nice amp to pair with HE 400's, in my V3 the stock tubes was from Phillips the 6922 and I was really satisfied with the result.
I use my He 400 for gaming, and I really like it, before I was using some sennheiser 595, being lighter the comfort was better but I still prefer the Hifiman anyway : better sound, bass For the price you can get the HE 400 it's really hard to beat 200 $ is an awesome price, get it and enjoy !!! It's right the Hifiman is leaking sound and you hear what's happening around you but for the rest it's so perfect
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