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I wouldn't want to give up any of the bass and sub bass
Among the different tubes I own with the pan am, I get a more energetic sound with the Voskhod 6ZH1P-EV keeping the big bass and the medium of the Mullard CV 4010but with more details, and in general better highs (more energetics)For the price you can get those Russian Tubes I would give them a tryEdit : you have some from alo
Alo pan am and passport are transportable in a certain way (you don't need powering it up and last 9 hours on average) and it sounds great !!! for portable I would get some good iem and alo or fiio amp
Don't know about o2 + odac but my 2c is that an amp with a good synergy with lcd2 will add more palpable textures, bloom and musicality
Little dot mk 3 with tubes rolling Mullard CV 4010 and 6H30Pi Cheap and good SQ
Mine have 6Ж1П-EB printed and a rocket logo
yes hd 600 or even hifiman HE 400 would be a good choice in your price limit The pan am pairs perfectly with the LCd 2 but it's not the same budget
My galaxy note 3 creates noise into the amp unless there is 3 feet minimum between the 2 I have siemens, mullards and voskhod tubes and so far I prefer the Russians
It's right the HE 400's don't need a lot of power but a nice little tube amp make them sing, correct the highs and make you smile
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