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I started with the sr60i, returned those for 125's, and am now thinking about 325's.  My philosophy has always been to the nicest set of which I can really tell there is an improvement, ie when i first got the 60's i couldn't tell a huge difference between those and the 125's but now it has become clear, pardon the pun. 
I have listened to these several times and as much as I would like to bash them they aren't horrible.  But for the price, I think there are better alternatives, keep in mind you are paying a decent amount for that name.
Im not sure if this has been mentioned, but Underoath's new album (Disambiguation). Is great. lots of dynamics. and, it is coming out in vinyl. In addition to underoath, System of a down, and my favorite Refused, the new shape of punk to come, flac.
If you are open to iem's I think the westone um1's are one of the best values in terms of sq and comfort.
x2 on the Grado's I have some 125s and I wear them for up to 4 hours with no breaks.  Although a good set of custom iem's can do circles around many but the price of entry is steep.
Sorry to bump a thread from the dead. But I feel that this is a topic I could be some help. I have owned both the UE-7 and UE-11 pro's.  The 7's have a ton of headroom, and are generally geared towards bass players and drummers. I found that they were a bit boosted in the high mid range. The UE-10 were intended for vocalists, and are supposed to have a fairly flat response.  The 11's are geared again toward bassists and drummers. Being a drummer myself and having these...
Put an ohm meter up to the speaker and check the impedance
Email me at i will take the hornet.
Where are you located, i think i might take that stuff off of your hands! my email is 
I really liked the Westone UM1's for the money they are hard to beat.   I used them with the foam comply tips and the isolation was great, they also fit inside my ear, (which are small btw) to the point where i could lay my head on its side and they wouldn't bother me.  I have had problems with other iem's with silicone tips, they would make my ears itch after a few minutes. Hope this helps
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