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Great review. One thing I have noticed is the build quality difference between the three.  Personally having experience in fabrication and cnc machining, Woo Audio blows ALO out of the water. No doubt that ALO stuff sounds great, but I wish it was built with the kind of attention to detail as the Woo Audio stuff, or even the Apex Glacier.  
Ill buy them right now if they are still for sale
Guitar center has a special on sony 7506's, I have owned 2 sets, they are great for live mixing, and not bad for listening either.
I would be interested in the coppers.  My brother owns both the turbines and the golds,  I haven't been impressed with either, but I am willing to try the coppers.  My current setup is UE11pro's through a udac2 all flac files.  I am also a sound engineer have over 1000 hours of live experience.  I have a very critical ear. 
I have a RSA Hornet m version with the original box, manual, charger, and felt cover. It is missing one screw in the upper right hand corner, as seen in the pics, otherwise the amp is in great condition.
Actually the 5's are closest to the 10's and the 7's are closest to the 11's.
Sorry, I should have clarified that statement. I was comparing the 5.5 gen video to the 7th gen 160gb classic   I always think of her when I think of great female vocals, she has a very airy voice
Speaking from someone who has had a few ipods, u2 edition black and white display, ipod photo 20gb, 5.5 gen 30 gb video, ipod touch 1st gen, 2nd gen 32gb, ipod classic 160gb, and a 2nd gen 2 gb nano. I can safely say I the 5.5 is warmer than the newest ones, but i actually prefer the sound of the newest model even though it doesn't have the treasure wolfson dac chip. It has a flatter response IMO.  I also have a sansa fuze v2 rockboxed, and that is my go to for a non...
You can check out, they have a ton of headphones and frequency responses graph for almost every set.
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