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It's been a while since I dabbled in KZ in-ears. I see the ZS3 and ZST popping up here and there. Which one would you recommend for someone who likes a laidback sound signature and a bit of bass emphasis yet is not keen on a very sharp high end? My hearing can't really deal with too crispy upper mids/highs around 5-8 KhZ for some reason.
http://www.tinydeal.com/original-xiaomi-piston-basic-edition-in-ear-headset-earphone-w-mic-p-158803.html   What are those?!?!?! New edition or fake?
I don't know what on earth is going on but I swapped back to stock tips from Comply foams and somehow the high end has opened up. Seems they are more tip sensitive than I initially thought. The high end is a lot better now but mids seem more recessed. Oh well, quest for best tips for these continues I guess...
There have been 0 reports on fakes so what are you talking about? If you just buy them from any regular reputable retailer (so not via Aliexpress or eBay) you'll just get legit product. Simple.
This makes absolutely no sense. Human ears can only hear 20Hz-20kHz, our minds can't make up frequencies that our hearing can't pick up. With your reasoning global warming isn't real cause you didn't feel cold before so it's not warmer now either. Come on man, I trust a scientific measuring device over multiple tests a lot more than anecdotal and personal impressions. Just accept that these Hybrids are dark. They are not suddenly going to become sparkly treble kings full...
I'd probably say that's down to differences in personal preferences, expectations and how quickly people pass judgement on an IEM.I have to concede that even after a good couple of hours of listening they do stay quite dark. Something that is directly noticeable when you have 3 sets of in-ears on rotation. Having said that, if you take away the expectation of great detail or a fairly neutral'ish sound (for Pistons at least) like the Piston 3, these still can be an...
So basically you very politely proved TwinACStacks is full of ****? 
Oh ATE-S, you had my curiosity but now you have my attention!  @cr0wnest given you say you have started to prefer a more warmer sound signature. Would you say the ATE-S falls into this category? You described it has less high end roll off than the SE215. How would you describe the ATE-S high end? Is it smooth enough or a bit crispy? I'm asking cause I don't deal particularly well with very sharp and almost sibilant highs. Can anyone else maybe elaborate on the difference...
I did a quick Google search on these but what's hybrid about them? I only see a silicon ear tip with a coloured inner tube.
Got the HDS1 in today. First impressions, the mids seem a bit lacking. When I listen to vocals they seem quite distant because the mids seem quite subdued. I've rolled some tips and only thing that changed was the low end. Will the mids improve once they have some hours on them?
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