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No idea. Was just surprised those transparent tips weren't included.
Today I received my pair of KZ ED10 from Banggood but they didn't come with the transparent/blue tips. Is this normal these days or have I bought fakes?
What are these sexy all black cans though? A different model of Mi headphones?  
Hate to say I told you so. There's such a massive gap in the midrange, it's unbelievable. If they had pumped up the mid range and smoothed out the highs a bit this could've been a real winner. But now, I just don't enjoy listening to them at all as I find them fatiguing.
Yeah, the highs are very fatiguing in my opinion. Especially if you're listening to electornic music with a lot of hi-hats and claps. After 20 minutes or so I had enough.
Recently received the T1-E and I'm surprised no one seems to notice the massive gap in the midrange? I have to say I was quite disappointed since they were being hyped so much on here. It has some excellent sub bass, very crisp highs but man the mids are nearly nonexistent. Epsecially with male vocals or tracks with snare drums you can notice both sound unnatural because of the lack of midrange frequencies.
The ones in the box below the rubber wrapping puck are pretty solid, but the ones who come pre-installed are not stiff at all in my opinion. The material seems less thick than the other included tips. Don't think many people will use them anyway cause they are humongous. Most will use the S/M/L tips. Auto-tune, heavily mastered and compressed, 'synthetic' instruments instead of real drums and guitars.You know what I mean... Glad to be of service though  So now that I'm...
I received a pair of Xiaomi Pistons yesterday, bought them via ibuygou. I think this is the latest revision, rose gold with a 1.2m cable.    I tried them straight out of the box with the tips that came pre-installed. They were too big and flappy and didn't provide enough seal. I switched to the medium tips which are included in the box. Although they provided a good seal, they were just a tad too short, resulting in the drivers slightly digging into my ear. I had some...
  Quote:   Completely agree. I was eager to get a pair of these but the shipping costs to get them over to Europe has put me off as well.
I got the same thing. These new terms are confusing at times. I found this though, very handy:   http://www.head-fi.org/wiki/describing-sound-a-glossary
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