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I'm loving hearing some great musicianship and groovy tunes.  
 Nice! I love Samsung products. I bought a 32" TV recently and love the high quality of it!Health to you for the utmost enjoyment of your new tablet bro! W x
Good stuff. I loved my LCD-2 when I had one. I'd love to try one through my HDVD 800! May your LCD-2 love long continue! 
 Thank you. :)These days I'm enjoying the HD 800 with the HDVD 800 when listening to music and I love it. Also, I saw someone in my town walking with an LCD on, so I might look into another Audez'e headphone at some point. 
I recently bought a new cymbal for my drumkit. It's the first cymbal I've bought in years and I love it!   Here's a video of me playing it:  
After recently upgrading to the HDVD800/HD800 I've noticed that my ears have been ringing a bit after my listening sessions, so I decided to give the "Anaxilus" mod another try using 2' rubber with foam attached to it. After some music listening via my rig last night following my reimplementation of this mod, today my ears are perfectly fine and clear! I love this mod; it's healthy, sound fun! Big thanks to all contributing to the development of the "Anaxilus" mod!
 I'm glad you're enjoying the HDVA 600. I'm loving my HDVD 800/HD 800 combo more and more and am quite used to it as my main headphone rig now. When listening with it, there have been a few times that I've been curious about my other headphones - primarily Senns at the moment inc the HD 600, Amperior, MOMENTUM, etc - and how they would sound with whatever recording I'm listening to, and after checking those alternatives I've went straight back to the HD 800/HDVD 800 combo...
I don't know if you know about the following but something that may be of interest to you is the Schiit Wyrd. Apparently it's an excellent product for cleaning up the signal of a system's USB connection and could be just the thing to provide sound resolve with your HDVD 800 used in USB mode.
New Posts  All Forums: