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With my DVD 800 mine is singing bro!! (:
This is my first post to Head-Fi in a few months, mainly since having found audio nirvana in my Sennheiser HD 800 / HDVD 800 combo. I felt inspired to post some impressions of the IE 800 to my social media channels a few minutes ago and thought I'd share them here: Just taking a moment to share my appreciation for one of my favourite things, my Sennheiser IE 800 IEMs. I bought these over a year ago from Audio Sanctuary in the UK and have since used the IE 800 almost...
I recently went back to listening CDs instead of lossless files and coinciding with that shift I invested in my speaker rig which now works hand-in-hand with my head-fi rig. I purchased a Cambridge Audio CXC CD transport and feed that via a JPS Labs optical cable to my HDVD 800 to some KRK Rokit 6 speakers atop some IsoAcoustics stands atop some wood squares atop some sand-filled speaker stands. It's a fun rig and I'm glad I invested in it. I'm also grateful for my...
Jude, thank you for bringing this milestone achievement in the history of headphones to us in such a passionately eloquent, fun way! I think your enthusiasm for the Orpheus II resonates with so much of us all. Sennheiser sure know how to contribute to the art of headphones, and I deliberately emphasise the word art. Their products are so well made and account for some of the many reasons I am so grateful to be alive. I am thrilled to see the Orpheus II. To me it is such...
  I'm revisiting this excellent rock album. I love how the live count-ins really add to the vibe of the tracks. Nice production touch!
Thank you for the positive comments on the music guys!  My friend Chris is a prolific writer and musician: www.chrisgoulstone.co.uk   My YouTube channel has a lot of drum videos (and a couple of headphone reviews) on it: www.youtube.com/windsordrums Peace, love, and headphones!  
This is a good Hendrix release, one of my favourites yet! If you are into Hendrix, you may like this version of the "Band of Gyspys" album that I performed live with some friends while ago.   https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVEu2zJJdX5X2Cny471RJ3c77wnnpVTDU  
New Posts  All Forums: