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  I'm revisiting this excellent rock album. I love how the live count-ins really add to the vibe of the tracks. Nice production touch!
Thank you for the positive comments on the music guys!  My friend Chris is a prolific writer and musician: www.chrisgoulstone.co.uk   My YouTube channel has a lot of drum videos (and a couple of headphone reviews) on it: www.youtube.com/windsordrums Peace, love, and headphones!  
This is a good Hendrix release, one of my favourites yet! If you are into Hendrix, you may like this version of the "Band of Gyspys" album that I performed live with some friends while ago.   https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVEu2zJJdX5X2Cny471RJ3c77wnnpVTDU  
Thanks again to all involved in this event! I loved it and have posted my impressions here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/779242/canjam-london-2015-impressions-thread-august-29-30-2015/225#post_11884526
This new Hendrix family release is mmm good! :)
Which pic has you in it?:)
Hey Warren. Can I have my badges please? 
I thoroughly enjoyed CanJam London! From when I first walked through the main exhibition rooms and soon thereafter heard Jude's ever-energetic voice and saw his eyes smiling, I just knew that this event was going to be awesome, and it was!       Since upgrading my HD 800 rig to include the HDVD 800 in recent months, I've really enjoyed hearing its presentation of everything I've listened to with it, and with it I have mainly been listening beyond analysis of gear...
^ Great day 1 pics Jude.  It was so nice to see you today - thank you for such a welcoming greeting! See you in a few hours!
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