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IME, D100 Amp did not sound that great, in fact the cheap FiiO E9 did better with these cans, Currently using the Bryston BHA-1.  Substantially better than either of the above and adds some weight to the sound without giving up any of the PRaT.  One of these days I will actually recable the SP-1 to be balanced...
  I should re-phrase. Z1000 seems to be the peak for their build quality IMO. (edit = the unicorn that is the R1 aside) The MDR-1R is still well built, I agree. And many older Sony cans are money well spent
 The last high build quality Sony that sounded good was the MDR-Z1000.  At least of the Sony cans I have seen lately. If you ever get a chance.... portable, well built, easy to drive and isolate (in both directions) very well.  Very much miss my pair. We always let one get away....
Moon Audio as a whole recommends it. Would like an HE-6 someday... part of the reason I went with this amp. Unfortunately I do not have the specific links of the reviews I read, but they are out there
This might be the most outstanding feature of the amp-- Different strokes I guess...
Tentative Plans to stop into Echo on Thursday.
Hi Guys,   I'm sure Echo would be more than happy to host us again.  Plate is a bit full at the moment but I can try to get the ball rolling at some point the following week.  Will keep you all posted! This area could use another meet.  The last one was a success...
This will be tough to beat, and it gives you balanced operation if/when you decide to upgrade to an amp that can utilize it.   And you'll get an amp with it that isn't half bad
It's kind of a long story--   But they are very subtly different according to the literature.  I haven't heard a GMP450PRO or QP450PRO to confirm.  My guess is that they are somewhere in the middle, seeing as they are advertised as a "custom QP450 PRO" but have the GMP cable among other things.   I also wouldn't be surprised if it changes based on S/N   Either way, tough to drive, scale really well and are the fastest dynamic I've heard if you can give them the volts
Price performance ratio for PCs?
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