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Send email to me, inform the series number let me check and send the firmware to you.
-6DB attenuation is in the analog output , it is less than most designs which is had -12DB even 24DB . -6DB had the least phase distortion in the analog filter design.
The poor English let I can't join the discuss more. In the NOS units, there are no any digital filter built in, all modes are real non- oversampling. Maybe in future we can try the digital filter built in but still without oversampling. The nos modes had different arithmetic  to process the data, a Chinese sentence say " all the routes can arrive Rome " , different routes may had different views for the eyes. In audio world is for the ears. The most important for all...
In my test the PCM1704's bck support least 98.304MHz, had not test higher yet.
For the products which is built in the DSP and PCM1704 , for example the Master series, Reference series, DAC19 series. We will post the guide in the web later. Every thing is so easy, and finish in your computer just spend two minutes.
Check in web shop , the Altera USB blaster is. Usually a good Chinese brand around USD10. Like this one,name ALINX.
Buy an USB blaster, we will offer the update online in next month.
DSP V7 release, refuse jitter, support up to 384K, steady working with any oversampling modes.
Any one who want to order the MCU, must inform the custom order features, otherwise we only shipping the MCU with the default features.
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