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The USB is fixed on 32bit. In the Win7 or lower systems had limit display in the audio property page, but it is transmit fixed at 32bit  . In Apple OSX and WIN8 the display is correct had not limit.
This just the function change. It had not relation the sound quality .The 2014 / 2015 edition different had post on the product web page. Since 3th. March 2015, the DAC/HP button setting to " D"  and Gain buttons setting to "F" at same time , the unit's RCA, XLR and ACSS outputs set to as DAC fixed output mode, output level is 2.5V on RCA, 5V on XLR, 2MA on ACSS .If your amp had not volume control, please don't setting the DAC/HP to "D" and the Gain to "F " at same time.If the early users want to had this function, can buy a MCU replace...
 We are expect max spend 500pcs (250 units) if this model sale good. 
If who had the pop noise on headphone while power on the unit, please contact us get the resolvent .
It is worth to try  change the unit connect to other power outlet on wall direct, replace other power cable for check. This is the ALPS switch, it had the world grade quality, can't easy fault in the short time.
Thanks your suggest, we had correct the web page and add a little more inform in the subject  "Different to the NFB-28 ".
Because the NFB29 had double times voltage power supply (+/- 30V DC) than the NFB28 ( +/-15VDC), so the power output can arrive the same level.
An user send me email about the issue. I ask him send me the test waves and I test by a Samsung notebook line out, it is same issue so I am consider this is the waves issue. Try to test on the computer line out to confirm the waves please.
You can order  the power wire with plug, can push into the socket (3.3V mark in the photo) in the M7.  The output kit must solder in the DI because the DI had not any power socket on board.
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