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You can order  the power wire with plug, can push into the socket (3.3V mark in the photo) in the M7.  The output kit must solder in the DI because the DI had not any power socket on board.
Inform us what wires define you want, a photo or picture inform is better , we can try to rewired the wires and let it  just push into your device without solder ..
The over 192K support only by the KS and ASIO.You want to check if working with either mode. 
Finally I download a video in my computer and do the test and it is . We had report to VIA company to correct the driver.   In our side, we have update the hardware , now had avoid the problems. In non DSD files playback , the mute relay had stop working.
For who want to upgrade the clock in the NFB11.32, upgrade the 80MHz clock up to 100MHz, boost the ES9018 can support up to 384KHz from USB input.
The Paypal had 45 day free return term but your case had over this.   We usually decalre USD450 on the invoice,unless the customers ask declare other value or full value, addition shipping cost USD139, total is USD589 for customs, but I don't know if there is over 50% tax charge in your country.   We always do in this rule: If your unit had fault within two weeks and start shipping back, and we confirm the fault, we cover the full shipping back cost , but your case is...
 Your DAC was shipping at 30th Dec, 2013 from China .You shipping back and we got it  at 1th April, 2014,  there are 3 months use.And we had return the full price of the Master 7, the shipping cost USD139 of shipping from China to your country, and the USD139 cover the shipping cost you shipping back to us.  DO you still consider this is unreasonble? Can I buy a Macbook and use 3 months then return and got the full price and both ways shipping cost?
A frequency band responsed test base on AP SYS 2722.  
This is simply.If the pack lost during shipping, we will shipping another one to customer without any charge, the refund just betweem the shipping company and us , will not bother the customer.
Declare a low value may can help.
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