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Any one who want to order the MCU, must inform the custom order features, otherwise we only shipping the MCU with the default features.
In our balanced amps, they had not the phase splitter to conversion the RCA to balance signal. The real balanced amp design, can get the single-ended input and output balance signal without phase splitter . The diagram as below. The design can feed the single-ended to either either -IN and +IN input, or feed to both inputs,and had the +out and -out signal . In the case , can avoid the new distortion of the phase splitter . Sorry for the poor English may can't explain...
The high gain mode just for the NFB28 and NFb29, because they are different to modify had higher gain. For other units like the Master 11, NFB27, NFB1AMP, C2 ect, the users just order the new volume boards replace in the unit can get extra +3 to +10DB gain.
A few years ago,We have ever do some test with the different computers. I guess the sound quality may depend on the mother board design. In our test , The best detail and neutral sound present from the Macbook with WIN7, the SONY notebook had the warmer and rich sound. The IBM old notebook had the warm sound and smooth. A Chinese made band notebook sound just like listen with a USD30 DVD player.
It is over 2000mW @ 40 ohm /per channels.
Our products  mark the power output specs is for per channel . Keep the amp burn in, try the better power cables, least had a good printer power cable may help in sound quality.
In my experiences, except the some few AV power amp had mark the SUM power specs of the  all channels in total. The hi fi amps always mark the power specs of per channels.
The DAC part is different also. It is based on the Master 7 had the newest processor but the REF10 had the older processor .  Even had most technology upgrade, in sound, just a little improved.  I am consider  sale the REF10 and get the Master 11 is not worth.
The Amanero had not SPDIF output so no way to had the decent external convertor.
If any one like to customs order, we can custom order the all products had higher gain, 66% or less volume can output full power on 0DB digital inputs or 2.5V on analog inputs.
New Posts  All Forums: