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It is me. I am very difficult find a worker can help me reply the email in English, we have try but don't work.The new generation Chinese not as the old Chinese, they don't like work hard. Even though some of them had finished the university in English subject but they can not read and understand better than me while read in headfi.So I send my daughtor to USA high school, I hope she can help me or tech me to improve the English in some years later.
My English always worst and made mistook.I was mean the bypass jumper only active while HDMI or RJ45 IIS input. Other input had not any functions on the bypass.That is in other USB, SPDIF , AES inputs, the bypass will auto off even though it is push on the jumper.
For  fair compare ,I design two PCBs, one with the PCM1704, another with the DA modules, other parts are same. Both units sound similar, the characteristic of R2R technology, not as the ES9018 flavor, also not the WM8741, AK4495 sounding.  In the theory parameter with the DA modules design, it is brighter than the PCM1704 unit, if the users consider the DAC19 had a little on warm side, then it is more neutral .Then I change some parameter in its analogy output circuits,...
This is the newer design, it had the IIS input interface built in ,it can addition a HDMI input replace the BNC or RCA input and become the 4th input.It still had the had the USB, coaxial and optical inputs.
Every years, we are ask a the cooperate agents help us find the PCM1704 chip from worldwide, and they succeed. But this year, they are fail. Not a single one chip can find.
You can date the appointment with the free time of you but in Chinese time from 0800 -2200 every Mon. ,Wed. and Fri.
Some time if the blaster had mistook, you can pull off its USB cable, reconnect again, it may can working. Or pull off the USB cable ,restart the DAC, reconnect again. Even the best blaster , some time had this issue .
Put them together, take a detail photo send to me please.
If anyone want to replace the USB32 by the Amanero, can take the photo show your unit 's USB connect , and inform the model, we can custom order the Amanero had the compatible wires , users may can easy replace in the unit without soldering. If you had bought the Amanero module, you can take the photo show the Amanero module and the unit's USB connect together, we  can draw in the photo show how to connect them.   If you have any advice on the firmware update, please...
Even both had working under NOS mode , the NOS7  made the sound less warm but still soft compare to the Master 7 .If you only like NOS mode, should try the NOS7's firmware.
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