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For sale is a great condition Ibasso DX50 w/ firmware 1.9.2. Some smudges in the photo since I added some screen protector to the screen/body.   SOLD... shipped.. plus paypal fee or gift..   Thanks..   Al..
ill take the JH16 with whiplash cable..
Scored just ST750 here in Panama City FL. Also, if anyone has an extra BA200 that they are willing to trade for this, please let me know.. I'll take care of the shipping..   Thanks..
Resend PM..   Thanks...
Interested.. PM Sent..
I'll take it.. PM Sent...
Thanks PEM75 and outmywindow for the info...
Hi,          Hoping someone can answer this for me. How can you distinguish the SM 3 V2 vs the lower model SM1 because they look identical in the Earsonic Website? Is there any model markings in the IEM itself?   Thank you so much..
For Sale is an excellent condition Pico Slim and a whiplash LOD. Bought from a fellow head-fier but never really had the time to use it since I'm always moving (military deployments/TDY). It's just more convenient plugging my iem straight to my DAP..   Thanks...
I have the ATH-M50 and I don't think amping would help much. ( have the Pico Slim/E-17 and the ELE-Dac ). I'm not sure if I have the right amp though but since your deployed, check your Base Xchange for Vmoda M80. I just scored one for $119 in Kandahar. They still have few left when i bought mine.   Cheers!.. be safe..
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