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 I don't mind having two devices. Not to mention I have to use two devices setup regardless - be it Schiit combo, Element + Schiit or whatever. With that being said, I just realized how if I'm going to use Element + Modi combo I won't be using the "DAC" part on the Element... Which defeats the whole purpose of buying DAC + Amp all-in-one device in the first place. If this was the case then I should probably get a dedicated full tube amp or Magni 2 right? Or is the money...
 Hmm, so I have no choice but to disconnect the RCA cable every time if I want to use desktop... And vice versa for PS4. Though It seems like I could use my Modi 2 Uber to bypass the Element's DAC. So it looks something like:- PS4: PS4 > Optical to Modi > Modi RCA input to Element RCA input > 6.35mm to headphone- Desktop: Desktop > USB to Modi > Modi RCA input to Element RCA input > 6.35mm to headphoneThis way, I could freely switch between two devices via Modi? This is...
Is there any reliable XLR female to 6.35mm cable for purchase?   I'm not sure if it's just a bad luck or lack of build quality but I've tried at least 7 different cables for my AKG Annie and K712 Pro, which all of them "died on me" after few days of usage. Most of them were random cables that I bought from the local store or ordered via online shopping (ebay and Amazon) with the price range of $10~30 AUD.   More so, there are so many brand to choose from and coupled...
Is it possible to use only the "amp" part of the Element for my Schiit Modi 2 Uber DAC?   I'd like to use the following setups simultaneously without needing the disconnect neither of them: 1) PS4 > optical to Modi > RCA to Element > 3.5mm to headphone 2) Desktop > USB to Element > 3.5mm to headphone   What I mean by simultaneous as in switching between PS4 and Desktop freely without disconnecting the cables physically. 
If possible I'd like to hear your opinions before I pull the trigger on Schiit products.   I was wondering if the Magni 2 standard and Modi 2 Uber combo will do the job on the PS4?   I've been looking at different amp/DAC for PS4 exclusively for a while which, I was torn between getting a Schiit combo or other brand's amp+DAC (all in one) combo. Unfortunately Schiit ceased their production on Modi opitcal where my only option was to buy their Uber version. Price-wise,...
Just a trivial question but do you offer inscription of the pictures we upload on the unit? Like you do on O2+ODAC combo?
 Thanks for link. This is what I was looking for: http://www.thomann.de/gb/akg_k_702_gel_ear_pad.htm Still expansive (combined with outrageous shipping fees) but looks like I save about 60 bucks compare to buying it off from my local distributor. Those gel pads are sure something.
 Alright thanks for the info.  That being said, does anyone know any site/place selling the pads for a reasonable price? I've just contacted my local AKG distributor (Australia) and they said the pad would cost $132.60 (around $100 USD) each... Meaning it would cost $265.20 for a full pair.Is this a normal price range for these "special" gel pad?
 K712 uses the memory foam pad so yes, they're the same. If that's the case, then I guess it will fit on K701 as well?
Still waiting on restocking of optical modi 2. I've asked the them for availability which they said it will come out "pretty soon".   After months of waiting, it's still not available for purchase.
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