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Just a trivial question but do you offer inscription of the pictures we upload on the unit? Like you do on O2+ODAC combo?
 Thanks for link. This is what I was looking for: http://www.thomann.de/gb/akg_k_702_gel_ear_pad.htm Still expansive (combined with outrageous shipping fees) but looks like I save about 60 bucks compare to buying it off from my local distributor. Those gel pads are sure something.
 Alright thanks for the info.  That being said, does anyone know any site/place selling the pads for a reasonable price? I've just contacted my local AKG distributor (Australia) and they said the pad would cost $132.60 (around $100 USD) each... Meaning it would cost $265.20 for a full pair.Is this a normal price range for these "special" gel pad?
 K712 uses the memory foam pad so yes, they're the same. If that's the case, then I guess it will fit on K701 as well?
Still waiting on restocking of optical modi 2. I've asked the them for availability which they said it will come out "pretty soon".   After months of waiting, it's still not available for purchase.
Stupid question but can the pads from K712/Annie (memory foam) fit on K701?
 Ah I see that makes sense.If I had a chance, I'd definitely try to burn at least 50 hours or so to see if there's any changes. That being said this is off-topic but does it matter if you use lossy or lossless tracks for burn in?
 I see... When I first acquired K712 I was so skeptical of burning it as I even went further to ask one of the representatives from AKG. I remember him/her saying that the membrane material which is used in the current/newer AKG lines is more flexible than in the old days. Hence he/she said it's not necessary to burn K712. Since then I've been using them straight out of the box. Though I'm kind of regretting it right now because I really wanted to know the differences it'd...
 O2+DAC combo and Schiit combo are pretty good choice for K7XX series. Seems like they are the most recommended for these cans.There's also Matrix M-stage and Audio GD being recommended for these cans as well though I have no experience with them so I can't say much.  On the related note did you guys burned in K712? If so, how long have you guys burned them in for?
Just when are they going to re-stock Modi Optical?   I've just received an email reply from one of their representatives saying that they will stock them soon though will not give any ETA.
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