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  looking for a portable head setup been researching for a while now   the more reviews i read the more confuse i get hoping someone here can give me some advice & direction and ill have find a closest retail store and demo them out (if i can find them) here are some sets that bought to my attention *HD25-1-II, Denon D1100, Shure SRH840, Audio Technica ATH-M50, Ultrasone HFI-580, Beyerdynamic DT1350, Marshall Major, V-MODA Crossfade, B&W P5"   What I'm...
anyone with experiences on either 1 setups. to share ur feedback would be great   thx
My current set up is USB -> Travagans White + Black PSU to a pair of sr325i I have owned this setup for approximately 1 year now the system overall pretty good although i am planning to get HD600 and D2000 in the near future.... just wondering if their are DAC/AMP combo that would drive the two headphones fine   I have read quite a few reviews, threads I understand  the large differences in their impedance (300 ohm, 25 ohm) but quite a lot of people say d2000...
i tried HA-1 which was just the headamp sound filling on my hd600 the new HA2 comes with a DAC......should be a good buy too  
  im interested if you would consider international shipping
i researched for the same goal couple of months ago    i think the Beresford Caiman are also a good choices as well the designer (Stan) self use them with pair of hd800 with the released mod upgrade no problem so i think should be good with the 650 also   there are quite a few reviews out there for feedbacks  
foobar+wasapi is good thought i still quite like the asio as well its really up to personal taste
have been using foobar for quite some time now i liked the support of varies DSPs and highly customizable "EVERYTHING"
i liked my mx5021  but that was years ago and bought a t40 for my brother positive feedbacks 
AC/DC Blur Utada Hikaru   they are all quite well along with the sr325
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