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No problem!  Also, if you only have the stock WA2 rectifier tubes, I would highly recommend getting a set of the Brimar EZ80 tubes: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311548894532 The Brimar is what I run exclusively in my WA2.  They sound fantastic, but are getting hard to source, and Langrex in the UK is a very reputable company! Cheers!
No difference in SQ.  Just make sure you get the ST (shoulder) glass with the domino plates 5998 (not 5998A etc.)  You may find these labeled as Tung Sol or Chatham etc. Also you can look for the 2399 tube with the same characteristics, this is the same tube as the TS 5998 before Tung Sol bought out Chatham. Welcome to the club, enjoy! BTW, JAN is the Joint Army Navy (military designation) for the same tube.
Good to know, thanks!
Great, you made a decision!    I'm sure you'll be very happy with that combination, you may even discover other music genera that you'll like in addition to  J-POP.
There's some good subjective info in the provided posts; however, I wouldn't (absolutely not!) subscribe to the TAK 300B speed issue theory.  I have read too many posts from too many talented/ engaged people over the last ten years on this forum to even begin entertaining that thought.  Just my 2 cents worth.
You shouldn't need it!  The X-Sabre's USB input is already galvanically isolated.
Yes, I noticed that earlier, and saw other data for the Factory Code "5" to be "Toshiba Japan" which didn't seem right to me for that early of year.  It seems to me that Phillips tooling didn't start there until at least the 60's. That is one reason I thought I might be dealing with a different variation of the tube code and went down the "+" Factory Code route.  Thanks!
   (@3083joe update)Oh crap, you're right, thanks for the correction!  Are you sure Factory Code 5 is Eindhoven, Holland?  Some web source data shows it to be Toshiba/ Japan (e.g. http://frank.pocnet.net/other/Philips/PhilipsCodeListAB.pdf).
What are you running for your headphone and DAC connections (single ended or balanced?)
 +    (Philips - Sittard, Holland)V2  (tube type/ change code data)56  (year - 1956)L    (month - December) These types of tube codes are not always easy to decipher , but I'm very confident that what I listed above is accurate!  
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