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Thanks for the review!  What HPs were you using and did they have a stock/ or upgraded cable?  BTW, I believe your review would transcend  HPs as well.
Cool!  Have you tried the Brimar EZ80 and which Rects. with tube combo have tried?
I have a few that do the same, generally this won't cause any problems.
Sorry, I don't at the moment.  Sometimes they're labeled as GE, you'll just need to do your homework.  I purchased two NOS pairs from you can check with them etc.
I use the Brimar EZ80 (one of the best); have some Valvo and the Brimar are way above in performance.
X2, but keep in mind that you will want to do all three to get the most from the WA2 (it's worth it in the end!)
Frank, question for you:  having listened to both the WA5 and the Mono 234, how would they compare SQ wise given equal tubes (e.g. 6SN7/ 300B)?  I'm wondering if the Mono 234, for the price premium, is just giving output tube options.
Congrats DG!  Does this mean you opted for public transportation instead of a new car?   It's been a while since I posted so I need to catch up...
I would recommend something along the lines of the Brimar (England) manufacture: I have three to four sets of NIB Brimar EZ 80's tubes.  It's currently the only rectifier tube I'll run in my WA-2. I don't know the seller on ebay but at $40 it's a good deal IMHO.
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