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You shouldn't need it!  The X-Sabre's USB input is already galvanically isolated.
Yes, I noticed that earlier, and saw other data for the Factory Code "5" to be "Toshiba Japan" which didn't seem right to me for that early of year.  It seems to me that Phillips tooling didn't start there until at least the 60's. That is one reason I thought I might be dealing with a different variation of the tube code and went down the "+" Factory Code route.  Thanks!
   (@3083joe update)Oh crap, you're right, thanks for the correction!  Are you sure Factory Code 5 is Eindhoven, Holland?  Some web source data shows it to be Toshiba/ Japan (e.g. http://frank.pocnet.net/other/Philips/PhilipsCodeListAB.pdf).
What are you running for your headphone and DAC connections (single ended or balanced?)
 +    (Philips - Sittard, Holland)V2  (tube type/ change code data)56  (year - 1956)L    (month - December) These types of tube codes are not always easy to decipher , but I'm very confident that what I listed above is accurate!  
Wow!  These kind of configuration changes are scary from a low level engineering/ design stand point.  Make sure the effects of Miller and grid-to-plate (etc.) capacitance changes are considered!  The tubes may work well initially, but, due to "grid leakage" currents etc. (from the design change) tube life and other components can be affected.  Heater current capability does not guarantee an ideal scenario.  YMMV
Cool!  What are you getting?
TurnTable or Hugo TT DAC?
To be clear and totally honest, from everything I have read and heard I would absolutely purchase the Takatsuki  274b and 300b above all others (site unheard) if I was in the market for these type of tubes. I can subjectively surmise that they are that good!
Ya, but can you do this with them:    
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