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 Xcalibur255, just curious as to what headphones you run with you 45 amp?
Well Mike, don't keep us in suspense any longer; whats the verdict, like, dislike or MEH!(?) I'm still listening to the WE396a driver with the TS5998 and really liking them sometimes even more than the Holy Grail Reflektor '74 and '75 6N23P SWGP Silver Shields.
What are you currently running for drivers, headphones and DAC?
Welcome to the WA2 club!  Sorry to hear about the pre-amp outs not being part of the standard build anymore but I don't believe you'll miss them at all.  As far as the WA2, I think the unit is under-rated overall even within the Woo line.  The unit is very capable of producing audiophile and reference class presentations,and as you mentioned, is dead-quiet on the noise.  You'll need to get acquainted with the stock tubes first and let the unit burn in.  Once you start to...
Yes, I believe that I experienced the same.  I like the 6bl7 sound, it reminds me of that good'ole sounding jukebox that is full and lush.  However, I find that I get tired of its presentation sooner and head back towards the more "referenced" quality sound signature of the T5998 and WE396A drivers.
 WA2 owners if you need some backup rectifier tubes you should jump at those prices that Bill recently just lowered (AGAIN!)   Bill, when are we going to see those U709(s) listed for $29 a pair??
Mike, how do you like the 6BL7's in the WA2?
Yes, same arrangement with the same adapters.  I prefer the 6SN7 to the 6DJ8 type drivers for the 6BL7, noting that  I haven't tried the WE396A(s) yet.  It's a nice sound but I still prefer the TS5998 most of the time: 
Based on the Max. filament current ratings provided by @MIKELAP (per Woo Audio) below, all those tube combinations should be OK to use in the WA2. Thanks Mike!
@MIKELAP Can you publish the current capabilities of the WA2 again?  I can't seem to find them.
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