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Too bad Lundahl can't send you some loaners for prototyping that would be sweet!
I understand, it's personal... very personal!  Like trying to give away a first-born so you can have a second child.
 Fully balanced input transformer, maybe???  I wonder if there would be a benefit from single ended?
And we feel bad for you!  Let us help you out with the guilt by allowing you to send us those "super nice amps" so that you may continue your journey of edification and audio bliss.   BTW - really good points you are bringing out, especially since I have just added my name to the build list for Glen's TTL amps (i.e. considering the EL3N topology.)
I find in my system that the TS5998 has a little more musicality with the WE396A driver as opposed to a reference/ more analytical presentation with the driver types you mentioned above.  It all depends on the recording (and my preference at the moment) as to which one sounds best.
 Xcalibur255, just curious as to what headphones you run with you 45 amp?
Well Mike, don't keep us in suspense any longer; whats the verdict, like, dislike or MEH!(?) I'm still listening to the WE396a driver with the TS5998 and really liking them sometimes even more than the Holy Grail Reflektor '74 and '75 6N23P SWGP Silver Shields.
What are you currently running for drivers, headphones and DAC?
Welcome to the WA2 club!  Sorry to hear about the pre-amp outs not being part of the standard build anymore but I don't believe you'll miss them at all.  As far as the WA2, I think the unit is under-rated overall even within the Woo line.  The unit is very capable of producing audiophile and reference class presentations,and as you mentioned, is dead-quiet on the noise.  You'll need to get acquainted with the stock tubes first and let the unit burn in.  Once you start to...
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