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I would recommend something along the lines of the Brimar (England) manufacture: I have three to four sets of NIB Brimar EZ 80's tubes.  It's currently the only rectifier tube I'll run in my WA-2. I don't know the seller on ebay but at $40 it's a good deal IMHO.
Look'n good Frank!  I'll be interested to hear/ read some critical reviews of the 234 mono.
Woo Hoo (pun intended), party at Frank's house!
It (i.e. Matrix X-Sabre) does very well with the HD800.  I'm running a Woo WA2 (Brimar EZ80/ Amperex PQ 6922/ TS 5998) combo with the HD800/ Charleston Cable Company audiophile cable.  I stream both Philip transport (CD-DA) and USB foobar 2000 audio and have been extremely impressed with the engaging audio quality, haven't noticed any top-end harshness after burn-in.
DubsG, what are U running for HP amps now?  Please post or PM me.  It's been a while since I have posted.  Take care all...
Welcome  to the club!  I'm enjoying mine...
There is not really a technical advantage at all, it ultimately is just cheaper (cost/ real-estate) because your not using two transformers/ dual taps etc.  I agree with Glenn on this one, series heaters although used in earlier designs is NOT the best way to run heaters.
I also sen't him a PM, but would really like curved as well.  Need a pair for the WA2/ HD800 combo!
I'm thinking about it!  You can always loan me a pair so your not in jeopardy of that happening.
Not likely since there is nothing hooked up to the amp.
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