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 From what I have read the EL3N triode has curves similar to the 45 and 50 tube (i.e. in good company) and the pentode, well not so much but decent.  Hopefully there will be suitable gain and the minimal parts will more than offset the slightly lesser curves.  The real acid test... let Lucy audition with her Adele CD!   Will be very interested in the results! BTW, for your output transformers in this type of config. do you run around 7K primary and multiple secondary taps...
I haven't yet, but I just ordered the adapters.  I have numerous 396A types (WE 396A, GE 5 star, and the venerable Bendix Red Bank 6385 etc.) to try since that is what my buffered output uses on my CDP.
Yes!  But what was the "reference" red wine?  And how did it hold up against testing against all the others? It's interesting that a "reference" system is one that can be used to compare (relatively) to others, but not necessarily the best in all categories.
Actually, the more revealing a system is (i.e. better) the more likely you are to hear a difference.  What rect. tube are you running now, just for reference?
Stop it, your killing us because we don't have a pair!  Well, I think you know now what organic means (i.e. engaging true to life natural sound which seems to melt the entire system away leaving only the music; not processed or synthetic in origin, where the emotion of the music carries through over the top of the PRAT and timbre etc.) Hmm...  wonder how the U709s are going to contribute!  
Good info, glad you like'em.  If you don't mind what did you pay for the Tele e188cc and GEC U709s?  Also, who was you source?  Feel free to PM me if you prefer to keep it on the down-low.
They do make a difference, but if you have the earlier Tesla EZ tubes (year '50 - early '65) then you should be OK.  Tesla, as well as other brands, sold-out in the late '60'sand '70's so the SQ went down.  The Brimar EZ80  (IMHO) that I listed are about as good as it gets, and the exchange rate is the lowest it has been in a long while with BREXIT! Enjoy!
Yes I agree!  That's why a dual mono-block design running nothing but DC from separate PS's would be even better, but you have to draw a line somewhere ; OR DO YOU??
No doubt! Yes, DC is the safer bet.  But just so your previous C3g amp owners won't worry, the C3g/ C3m/ C3o tubes are designed to provide the same ultra high performance standards whether AC or DC filament driven.  That's why I was wondering if you had noticed any differences. Thanks, I may be building my own C3m/ 300B amp in the future, but we'll see!
 Glenn I'm curious, being that the C3g is indirectly heated, were you able to measure a change, perceive a change (hear it), or were you just going the extra mile to be safe with the DC?
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