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Wow!  These kind of configuration changes are scary from a low level engineering/ design stand point.  Make sure the effects of Miller and grid-to-plate (etc.) capacitance changes are considered!  The tubes may work well initially, but, due to "grid leakage" currents etc. (from the design change) tube life and other components can be affected.  Heater current capability does not guarantee an ideal scenario.  YMMV
Cool!  What are you getting?
TurnTable or Hugo TT DAC?
To be clear and totally honest, from everything I have read and heard I would absolutely purchase the Takatsuki  274b and 300b above all others (site unheard) if I was in the market for these type of tubes. I can subjectively surmise that they are that good!
Ya, but can you do this with them:    
Most amps will/ should have a bleeder resistor network to discharge the PS filter capacitors so most people should be fine.
 *NOTE: Tube amp builders may not always sanction the use of these types of adapters, AND, EVEN WITH THE AMP'S POWER OFF (unplugged) THERE MAY STILL BE HIGH VOLTAGE (e.g. ~250 VDC and above) PRESENT TO THE PINS (depending on the amp's design.)    As always, be careful!
 Here's what I bought (happy with them): http://www.ebay.com/itm/1pc-Gold-Dual-6SN7-6BL7-TO-6AS7-tube-adapter-/201511879930?hash=item2eeb0b44fa:g:a90AAOSwuYVWpxwb They're cheaper with a plastic socket and no acrylic shield, but I still recommend the former.
 It's hard to tell as I can't make out all the data from the pictures, and the data will be some what relative to the tube tester used.  You'll need to email your seller to interpret the results.  The documented tube data for the TS5998 shows around15,000 uMHOs (Transconductance ) per plate, but the bottom tube in the picture doesn't look to show that.
I did some more tube rolling last night and I wanted to update that I now prefer the dual tubes per channel as opposed to the single tube.  It seems I needed a little more burn-in time for my NOS 6BL7s (better weight/ authority while slightly increasing the sound stage and overall presentation.)
New Posts  All Forums: