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Hi, are these still available?
I went from the TF10 to the DT880/600ohms. IMHO the DT880 is brighter and more forward relative to the TF10, which I consider to have recessed mids. Bass is tighter but no less impactful (to me at least) and overall soundstage, clarity and details are a step up. It's definitely an improvement if you have a decent amp to drive it, as is most of the case when comparing IEMs to full-sized headphones. However I would say that the TF10 is more "fun" (in the mainstream sense)...
Sounds great dukja! Really looking forward to my balanced DT880 which is due to arrive any day now. Unfortunately the emphasis is on saving up as I'm a student (and soon to be graduate) so funds are tight. There's no way I'll be rocking a Ref7/Phoenix combo any time soon unless somebody cares to help out  In the mean time I'll live with what I have and what I can afford   
Apparently the Audio-GD NFB-10ES (the one with the Sabre chip) is too bright for DT880s, so on the other thread they've recommended the ones with the Wolfson Chips instead (Audio-GD NFB10WM).   I was looking to save up for the Audio-gd Phoenix as well, which is their top of the line balanced amp.    
Interesting... On another note I'm also considering selling my entire setup to fund a Lavry DA10 and run the DT880 straight from there while saving up for a balanced amp later. Anybody have any experience with this DA10 --> DT880 setup? I wonder if the Lavry will be able to power the DT880 sufficiently (while not to its max potential) to outperform an unbalanced setup?    OR should I keep my current DAC (which has balanced outs, though not sure if it's a fully balanced...
No worries, let us know your impressions when you're done. Good luck with your finals :)    
Would you say that it'd sound better than an unbalanced DT880 coming out from an amp? A bold statement around these parts I'm sure     
When are you getting it balanced ohgourami? Would be interested to see your impressions if it's overly bright with the ES after being balanced.    
Would you be able to elaborate on the differences between stock and balanced apatN?    
I am getting a balanced Beyerdynamic DT880/600ohms, and was wondering if the Audio GD NFB-10 will have good synergy with it, and if so which version (WM or ES)? I'm currently leaning towards the WM for its USB input, but if the ES gives a much better performance I suppose I'll use a USB-SPDIF converter. Any idea guys?
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