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  Looking forward to your impressions of the LD1+ and the B3 whenever you find the time to share it.
Received my Havi yesterday! DHL express shipping from Lendmeurears. First impressions; Wow, these are really good! The fit leaves a lot desired, still haven't managed to get a comfortable fit but I can see the fabulous performance already with a fit. Btw, are these shallow-fit earphones? been used to the RE400 and the Phonak 112 and finding it difficult to get used to the fit. Boy, the sound is beautiful for the price - it's like a triple-fi pro without the bass...
Placed my Havi order today, was just enjoying my recently accquired RE400 and then I stumble across this thread! 
I have the exact problem!!! Issue is that I made the moronic decision to give-in to the stupid prompts that kept asking me to update to Win 8.1 from 8.0 and I have been repenting ever since :-( The X3 DAC issue is just one of the numerous problems I'm having after updating to 8.1. I am looking forward to going back to 8.0 at the earliest possible chance. (Sorry about the rant..) I was under the impression that Win 8.1 screwed up something with X3 DAC driver and hence the...
Do they ship outside france? Google translate couldn't help me about that!
  Thanks for sharing that review, that is kind of what I was expecting as well. Have to spend some more time with the MT220 before I writeup my impressions. How about the comfort factor and isolation?
A good deal on the AKG K551, €49 shipped! (Germany only!)
Oh, that is definitely a comparison I am looking forward to! I am delighted with the MT220 (it is now my reference headphone) a great accompaniment to the HD 650. Also, what blows my mind is the performance it is capable of without an amp! I tried the Microstreamer, Burson HA160 & the O2 - all they did was add a little "polish" to the already impressive performance .
I think you would be better served by the Noontec Zoro/HD. Your 3 choices are good ones; M50x - nice but expensive and doesn't seem to be the most comfortable in your case. The Superluxes are great choices as well but, the 668B is a warm headphone but not the best for your music, the 330 is better for your music but with a 150 ohm impedance it is best used with an amp. The Zoros on the other hand are great for portable use, easy to drive and add that tight punchy base...
Nice review SkyBleu, the HP100 was on my list of to-buy headphones and was overtaken by the Yamaha MT220.  A comparison, if possible would be much appreciated. From your review I see that it HP100 may be too similar to the MT220 and may not warrant a purchase for me.
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