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Oh, I don't think anybody has a problem with you enjoying the monk more than the HD600! after all it is musical enjoyment that matters not gear. I was just sharing my opinion, cheers.
I complete agree with Brooko. I think the monks get the "gestalt" of music right at an AWESOME price (which is an achievement!) - but they don't essentially replace a HD6xx or the likes.
My Monk+ order has been submitted and eagerly waiting for it. I still cannot believe how good these sound with a tube amp! Haven't touched the K702 & 650s
Your welcome, happy to see that someone is going to be a satisfied music listener .
The EM3s are a handsome pair of earphones, looking forward to trying them some time soon!
Haven't heard it, but that sure is a good looking amp!
That is a killer price for HA160! Nothing today can match it in terms of performance at that price, free bump ;-)
One more for Club Monk! I received my Monks yesterday (yes I ordered two! the price made me question the build quality) The moment I laid my hands on the Monk, I was telling myself - "wow, that build quality is not bad at all.... and that's 5 bucks!" I somehow have a feeling that this one would outlast my RE400, substantial cable and reasonably good plastic. I found that it took me a few minutes to get the positioning right and once I hit play on my X3 it was WOW time!...
I would love to have a listen and would be happy to share my opinions about the Meze 99   username: bala City/State: Giessen/Germany   sample reviews: http://www.head-fi.org/products/denon-ah-d340-music-maniac-on-ear-headphones/reviews/10487                          http://balachandar.in/2013/04/10/the-talented-noontec-zoro-review/
Never heard of the KTXPro before, been a fan of the Porta Pro's until they died on me! Looking forward to the give them a try. On the HD600/MT220 discussion - I completely agree with Asr. I had the 600s during a period when my tastes were towards the "darker side" and the 600 was just a tad too bright for me. I naturally gravitated towards the 650s, later when I picked up the MT220 my listening flavour had "matured" towards neutral. The bass on the Mt220 was a little...
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