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AKG K551 for 60 euros, 11 hrs to go.
Has anybody already got their hands on the Somic MM185? I have been on the hunt to find them in European seller but no luck so far. Btw, do you think this Hercules HDP DJ M1 is rebranded mm185? ;-)
Thanks kyno for your initial impressions/comparison with the O2 & Polaris - looking forward to a more detailed post after burnin and whenever you find time. The HD650/O2 pairing never suited my tastes, though both of them are excellent with other pairing.
It is a late reply but in case you haven't found the answer yet, open up the top pair of screws on the front and back and gently but firmly pull the top part off. You can now "roll" the the tube.
 That is good to know, will wait for more elaborate impressions. 
I am 650/Crack fan and Flysweep's statements are definitely high praise for the H10. The Project Ember and Project Polaris had picked my interests but the H10 seems like  a better choice! My suffering wallet would also be more than delighted to get out of the tube rolling madness ;-)
I am not sure if a more forward midrange would be a suitable addition, in my opinion that kind of makes it hard to enjoy the soundstage space - better midrange, less distortion - yes please!
Any of guys seen the measurements from Tyll, could it be a faulty unit or a case of what sounds good need not measure good! 
I am on the same boat Ron, I have an old DAC Magic and looking for an upgrade and am very interested in your opinions about the NFB 3.
Has anybody else pulled the trigger for the H10, this thread seems to lack the usual "hype-drive" associated with Headfi gear threads . Though I take that as a good sign!
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