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AKG K545 for 100€ (only Today)   Enjoy.
Yes, I would recommend the colored ones for anybody interested in the HD562  - the black is quite unappealing! After more listening time, the bass has gotten a bit tighter and the treble a bit more refined.The headphone can be driven easily, though my O2 added a bit more clarity and definition. The 562 is very much along the lines of the Amperior, though lacking in resolution. The amperior also has a "brassy" tone with sharper treble and very pacy which makes it...
Oh, forgot a closeup of the driver..now added!   
Here are some pictures (sorry about the late reply @altrunox). I was trying to find the time to setup proper lighting to bring more details from the black unit...unfortunately that never panned out. Hope these images are ok.                      
@Miksu I have my cans listed in my Sig . Anyway, the soundstage is understandably small compared to the HD650, HD330 (open headphones) - the yamaha 220 & the AKG k551 also have larger soundstages (closed), considering the driver size and the over ear fit I don't think it would be fair to compare the 562 to those headphones. I had an amperior before and from what I can recall the soundstage on the 562 is slightly larger - or may be that it just doesn't have the upfront...
Just unboxed my HD562 from Thomann! I love the red but unfortunately only black available now :-(. Preliminary impression - Good clean punchy sound, if they were aiming at the Senn HD25 series, they have almost made it! Build can be best described as "built to a budget". Earcups seem to move with a bit too much freedom for my liking, the leatherette pads were not ideal - coupled with the vise grip I could tolerate them for just a short while before switching to the...
 Thanks, though I would love to try the mods - time is an issue for me currently so I better give the 1217 amps a look.
I am thinking about the P8 as well but the version with the aluminium casing! Could you care to elaborate on sound impressions, would be greatly appreciated.
Bottlehead Crack with Speedball - immaculate condition comes with a few more tubes (RCA 6080, Sylvania 6080 etc.). Free shipping within Germany. Payment by Paypal (+fee) or Bank Transfer.   Pics added!
AKG K551 for 60 euros, 11 hrs to go.
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