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What's even worse right now is that I'm plugged my speakers/headphones back into my onboard and doesn't sound that much better - as in, both sound like crap.   Cliffs:   >bought a Audigy SE soundcard from 2004 ( >it was like $10 shipped, so whatever >read reviews on Amazon saying it's a noticeable upgrade over an onboard DAC  >my motherboard is from 2009 and the onboard seems like a regular...
My m50 earpads are in need of replacing and Ebay has them for the cheapest. I'm wondering if they're fine or if they will be uncomfortable/low quality. For the record, I found the original M50 pads up to my standards as some people have been complaining they are uncomfortable.   Thanks!
Thanks for the replies again. The E10's are nice but my problem with them is that they would take up pretty much my entire budget for the present and she is not the type of person that listens to music that often that they would be worth it.   With the Sony ones, I'd have $30 left over which I could spend on a necklace or w/e (suggestions?). I think that's what I'm going to get.   Thanks all!
Bump.   Are the headphones I posted ( okay? They have very good reviews and I don't think she needs amazing in-ear headphones worth $50.   Also, she currently has no headphones because her broke and listens to music every now and then on her ipod.
Over half a year. My budget for the entire present is $50.
I promised to get my GF some earbuds for her birthday. I was thinking of getting something more expensive like the SoundMagic E10. They have really good reviews, but I'm thinking that my girlfriend won't really care about the difference. Unfortunately, a lot of people aren't too picky about sound quality as long as it beats the ipod headphones. So I'm thinking maybe something cheaper would be appropriate? Plus I'd be able to get her a necklace or something. I found that...
If I'm soldering the jack on anyways, why do I need to replace the cable?  
Thanks for the reply? Does this mean I need to take apart the headphones? If it's an easy job with no soldering I can give it a try except I don't know where I'd be able to find a spare cable. What do you think about getting a decent jack such as Amphenol or Neutrik and trying to get it fixed again?  
Hi guys,   I accidentally damaged the jack on my headphones cause it got stuck in the door and I got it replaced at a cheap repair shop. They put on a cheapo plastic plug/jack but from what I heard it doesn't really make a different and it sounded fine to me. A week later the metal part of the jack got so loose that if I had my mp3 in my pocket the plug would move around so much that the sound kept going on and off in the left or right headphone.   I got it...
Holy crap! Thank you guys! I tried some other applications but they distorted the sound and it was unbearable! I don't know how exactly this app works but it's louder and the sound is great!   Thank you!
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