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im going to ask them to run the fiio e11 combo again--that seems like an amazing combo, or do you guys think the GR07 + e11? thanks!
i did and i received my repaired dba about 1.5 weeks ago
emailed :)
yep they are and i updated the info with pics
same, the red case right? and what is the difference in the newer packaging? cables are black which looks a lot better haha  
$135 shipped CONUS USA elsewhere you pay shipping   These pairs were sent from repair from budgen audio on 7/13/2011. Lightly used (less than 25 hours) before that. comes with case and tips.   note235 is heatware pm me for pictures
got an email saying mine shipped last week
well i received a sort of reply today via email? anyone else?
correct i am today i received an email though about replacements? anyone else?
if anyone here's please post more here!
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